As of July 1, Dr. Dennis Thomas will be retired, no longer taking phone consultations. If you want to work with Dr. Thomas, you can join his private Facebook community, here:

Whole Pet Healing:

A heart-to-Heart Guide to Connecting with and Caring for Your Animal Companion

The profound bond between us and our beloved pets is undeniable—in fact, it goes far beyond what we might ever have expected. 

In Whole-Pet Healing, Dr. Dennis Thomas delves into the heart-to-heart link we share with our cherished animal companions, and how we can influence their healing—and they, ours—in remarkable ways. 

Presenting a case for holistic pet care backed by quantum science, Dr. Thomas explains the nature of the energetic body and the ways we can tap into its extraordinary curative abilities, using techniques ranging from Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture to intention and intuition. 

He sheds light on our power to deliver love and healing to our dogs, cats, birds, and other pets via an enhanced human-animal connection—and how this benefit flows in both directions, helping us experience radiant love and well-being ourselves. 

Empowered by this holistic, energetic perspective, you will be guided in making optimal choices with ease and confidence, with chapters covering topics such as: 

  • Finding the right veterinarian
  • Creating the best natural diet for your pet
  • Knowing what to do in times of health challenges
  • Connecting with your animal companion

This groundbreaking book promises to be one you’ll turn to time and again at each stage of your pet’s life.

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