Holistic Health Care for Pets
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Expert help without leaving your home

No one enjoys taking their sick dog or cat to the vet. You end up sitting around in a crowded waiting room to see an overworked and hurried vet who quickly examines your stressed-out pet before hustling you out the door to see the next one.

I do things differently.

Because I don’t work through vaccines, harsh medications, and dangerous procedures, I’m able to provide your pet with caring, detailed, and specific veterinary care no matter where you live. Each phone consultation comes with a comprehensive set of benefits to help you (and your pet) get maximum benefit. And you get a full uninterrupted hour with me, too!

Everyone, especially your pet, wins!

Six months ago today, we were told that Bleu had two months to live. Then we contacted you!  Bleu’s melanoma mass has shrunk a good 65%. He has not bled in three weeks! It’s absolutely amazing. He’s feeling good and enjoying his days. It’s because of you that we still have him.   -Jill C

“Dr. Thomas.  Just wanted to report that my kitty is six months cancer free.  Here is hoping for six months more, and six months more, and six months more and more and more!  Thank you again for EVERYTHING.  I sing your praises to everyone I can.”  -Christy C.

Dr. Thomas saved my dog! I thought I was going to have to retire him from his very important work—-that was 2 years ago. He is strong and healthy now. Forever grateful. -Robyn M

Every Phone Consultation comes with:

I’ll review all your pet’s relevant medical records including their past visits, health history, and lab work.

No more rushed appointments with over-booked vets. You get a full hour to ask questions, get the information you need, and understand how to help your pet.

After we are done, I’ll send you a fully customized report that includes everything you need to take action for your pet’s health.

You can schedule a phone consultation in two ways:

We live in Michigan, and Dr. Thomas has been our go-to vet, amazing to talk to always so helpful, and he does it all over the phone.  

-Shane H.

Phone consultations can help your pet with:


Kidney failure

Kidney Disease

Chronic Pain


Bowl Disease

Behavior problems




Specialized Diets


Initial comprehensive consultations are $225

You can schedule one-hour follow-up consultations for $175

You can schedule 30-minute consultations for $90

Dr. Dennis Thomas is Up to date on what’s really going on with our animals!!! -Kathleen R.

This guy has so much cool info for helping your pets holistically. Smiles. Dee T.

Holistic Health Care for Pets
1707 E. 11th Ave, Spokane WA  99202