Do you remember grandma’s chicken soup?  Perhaps many of you had it served to you when you had a cold or some other illness.  Obviously it was effective, otherwise it wouldn’t have stood the test of time as a natural remedy.

What was it about grandma’s soup that helped our body heal itself?  Was it all the natural ingredients she used?  That was likely part of it but the main ingredient was the Love that she added to the soup.  We think this is some heart-warming tale that makes us remember grandma and feel good, but in actuality, it is a scientifically-proven fact.

We do everything possible to give our sick pets a chance to heal from a serious illness.  We give drugs, herbs, supplements, nutritious diet and so on, but we leave our the main ingredient.  We forget to infuse love into the remedy.

We are so conditioned using conventional approaches to illness that we rely on biochemistry to treat the body.  Almost everything we give our pet is broken down by the body into a biochemical remedy that will interact with the biochemical body.  This is great if you are selling the product, but certainly limited in its benefits for the pet.

This is not a surprise because the medical profession sees the body as a material object using biochemical processes to function.  Actually, the body is dense energy that appears to be solid form that we can see, touch, etc.  If we only address the health of the body as a physical form only, then we have greatly minimized the outcome.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist, at his lab at Stanford University Medical School, showed the world that the body’s cells respond to energy 100x greater than biochemistry.  Each cell not only has biochemical receptors, but it also has energy receptors as well.

Even conventional medicine has admitted that energy in the form of chronic stress will in time cause physical illness.  If we can admit that bad energy causes illness, then we can surmise that good energy will direct healing.  It does.  Grandma has proven this.

This is not too hard to imagine.  How many families over the years sit down and do a blessing before eating?  Yep, they are infusing loving, grateful energy into the food.  We are not talking about some ritual statement said to get to the main course, but a genuine heart-felt sense of appreciation that we have been given a meal that will serve our body.

I teach the members of my private FB group to bless everything that we give to our pets, whether we are making their food, serving it to them, giving them supplements, whatever.  If we infuse loving appreciation into process, we gain both the biochemical and the energetic benefits.  Sort of like biochemistry on energetic steroids.

If we make it a point to do this whenever we interact with out pets, in time, we feel so good from doing this, we start doing this with everything in our lives.  In time, we realize that our life is one big blessing.  That is what healing is all about