I was at the symphony a while back and I was watching the members of the orchestra warming up before they began.  There was a mixture of sounds coming from the different instruments as they practiced.  Then, the maestro came onto the stage and under her direction, all the pieces of music came together to form a wonderful harmonious sound.  It was no longer the sound of the flute, the violin, the cello, the trumpet, the bass and the piano.  It was one sound created by the harmony, different than all the rest.

This is how harmony works and all energy will reflect either harmony or disharmony.  If you have ever been at a political meeting, you might have seen how disharmony works.  The energy that might arise from this group may make you feel bad, energy depleted.  On the other hand, if you gather together in a church or synagogue, then the harmony of energy will uplift you.

When you take your pet to the vet, there is a three part harmony that is formed; the pet, the vet and yourself.  The question is, “Are you three in harmony?”  The answer to this question will certainly affect the outcome of the experience.

Let’s look at an example.  You come home from work and find that your dog has vomited several times in the house and it is obvious that she feels poorly.  Because you are a loving caretaker, your intention is to help your pet feel better.  Your focused intention has now moved the universal energy and the idea of taking her to the vet comes into your thoughts.  You respond to that thought and call for an appointment and head to the clinic.

You arrive shortly before the clinic is scheduled to close.  The vet that will be seeing you has plans for the evening and when he finds out that you are coming in just before closing, he starts thinking about how this appointment may make him late for his evening function.  Without knowing, his focused intention becomes, how to get this appointment over with as soon as possible.  He will likely be concerned about your pet’s well being, but it is not his underlying primary intention.  

Your pet, as always, has a focused intention of health and well-being which is in alignment with your intention.  However, the vet’s intention is not.  Without the primary intentions in alignment, we do not have harmony and the outcome will not likely be a wonderful expression of that energy.  Like an orchestra with one player performing incorrectly, the resulting sound will not be pleasing to the observer.  

If, however, the vet maintains his primary intention for health and well being for your pet, the three-part energy will harmonize and the result will be an expression of that unique manifestation of perfection.  

How can you possibly know if there is three part harmony in the examination room?  By the way it feels.  If it feels good, you are in harmony.  If it doesn’t, someone is not in harmony.

There is also that possibility that you have allowed yourself to get out of alignment with the primary positive intention for health and well being.  Maybe your fears have come to the surface and unknowingly, your primary intention is no longer about your pet, but yourself.  Maybe you might be having thought like, “Oh my, what if this is something serious or how much is this going to cost me?”  If we slip into a fearful mindset, we change our primary intent and we are no longer in harmony with our pet and the vet.  The result is not going to be a wonderful expression of harmony.

For many years, I was a part owner of a large veterinary hospital with nine veterinarians and twenty five technicians.  It was a busy place with people and pets scurrying around in a bit of chaos.  I made it a point to put a note on the door of each of the examination rooms that the doctor used to enter.  It stated, What is your primary intention?  It was a gentle reminder to make sure that all intention was shifted to the health and well being for the pet before entering the room.

We all know the power of group participation.  Whether it is on the physical, mental or spiritual level, when people join together with a focused intention, powerful things can happen.  People joining in group prayer can heal the sick and group meditations can lower crime rates.  The same can happen with your pet at the veterinarians office, especially if you are part of a three part harmony.