When I initially decided to expand my clinical approach to pet health care to include alternative modalities, I chose to learn Chinese medicine and acupuncture.  After I finished my education and took it into practice, I had a well established clientele who trusted me.  When I suggested that we should take a Chinese medicine approach and use acupuncture for many health problems, in order to expand our abilities, the clients were open and receptive to my suggestions.  The result we say were way beyond my wildest imagination.

Many years later, I sold my integrative practice, moved out of the state and opened an alternative-only office to evaluate and treat pets strictly from a holistic approach.  It didn’t take long for the clients to find me because there were very few vets that did such a thing in my location.  Unfortunately, the results were not the same.  The success rate for treating the pets was very low.  Problems that I had routinely seen in my other practice and had had great success were not responding as I expected.  It was very frustrating for myself, the pet caretaker and it certainly wasn’t helping their pets.

I started looking at every possible scenario that would explain the extreme difference from the results that I had previously to the results that I was seeing currently.  The pets had the same imbalances.  I used the same acupuncture points and herbal remedies, but the results were certainly not the same.  What was I doing wrong?

I turned to my old standby, when I can’t figure something out.  I turned it over to Source and asked for help.  The answer came to me during one of my morning meditations.  The word belief presented itself.  As soon as the answer came, it made sense.  The clients at my previous practice trusted me and when I told them that acupuncture works, they believed me.  When I opened my new office in another state, all of my clients were new.  I had not established a trust factor with them and most were very skeptical.  Most of them were coming to me as a last resort with a sense of desperation.  They were looking for a miracle, and as you probably know, we humans here in the west, don’t have a lot of confidence when it comes to miracles.  The results were reflecting what the clients believed, or what they did not believe.

Jesus, probably the best healer ever, had been known to say that the only thing that he asked from the person he was to heal was their belief in him.  That one requirement was the determinant factor for his success.  Of course, Jesus was different than most of us.  He had very high vibrational energy (elevated consciousness), so people in his presence felt his loving, healing energy.  At that time, in human brain development, most of the individuals had very little influence on the forebrain function and ego-influence.  To put it otherwise, they were pretty open to believing in most things that they were told.

Here in the US, we have been trained at a very early age to be skeptical.  It is the  primary function of the ego-mind in hopes of protecting ourselves.  However, it can also be an impediment in healing.  We all have a skeptical mind and to believe otherwise is nonsense.  So, we must take this into consideration when we move into a modality of healing that we have no experience.  Our ego-mind will want to jump in and convince you (conscious or unconscious) that the healer is out to frisk you; “He only wants your money.”

How can we bypass this influence and believe in this new perspective?  We can’t.  This is what I learned when I opened my new office.  The ego-mind will not believe something it doesn’t believe in.  We have to use something that the ego will accept in order for it to move out of the way.  Instead of asking my new clients to believe that acupuncture and Chinese medicine will work, I told them just to be objectively open to its results.  Objective observation is something the ego-mind is certainly interested in.  I tell my clients that they should take the attitude of a scientist watching a bed of ants.  No judgment, no emotional reactivity, no interpretations as to how or why it works or not.  Just watch for the results.  Be open to it instead of believing in it.

In no time, the results we were seeing remarkably changed.  When people started witnessing the improvements, they became believers.  For those of us that have ego-influence, we need to experience something before we believe.

Energetically speaking, healing is a restoration or re-creation of normal vital essence (Source energy) moving through the body/mind, restoring perfect health and well being.  It is like a beautiful stream flowing freely down a mountain.  Skepticism, or non-belief, is obstructive, restrictive energy that creates resistance in the normal flow of vital essence.  Sort of like cutting a tree down on the bank of the stream and allowing it to fall into the stream.  The downed tree obstructs the normal flow of the river, alters its movement and re-establishes something that is not normal.  All negative energy, whether it is form (bad food, microbes, toxins, etc) or subtle energy (harmful emotions or thoughts) will interfere with the natural flow and expression of vital energy.  All healing is about restoring this vital energy and is done by removing all of the obstructions that keeping it from expressing itself.  It starts by being open and allowing.