Each winter, I like to go to Sedona, Arizona for a couple of weeks.  It gets me away from our snowy winters and gives me a chance to get another energetic tuning while out hiking in the red rock country.  Most people are aware of the magical, mystical energy vortexes around Sedona, but few people know what the energy is and how it works.  I don’t want to take away the mystical appeal, but the energy can be explained scientifically and it is now available for you and your pets without having to go to Sedona.

Years ago, the local native Americans in the Sedona area were very aware that the area had magical healing powers.  As migration of the whites into the area increased, so too was the awareness of this special healing place.  In time, the word spread, and people started coming to the area for healing purposes.  About the first of this century, a scientist came to Sedona to research how this worked.  He discovered that there were large crystal deposits under the ground and that the crystals, along with specific minerals found in the area, created some type of energy that was not found in other places.  He identified these “hot spots” and called them energetic vortexes.  He found 4 or 5, but since then, there have been 8 energy vortex centers located.

Further scientific studies about the energy suggests there is an energetic field of the earth that runs in parallel lines both north and south and east and west, sort of like the lines on a globe (longitude and latitude).  These energetic fields turned out to be electromagnetic in nature and the places where these lines connected appeared to be where this energy was the strongest.  Sedona is one of the few places in the world where the lines connect as well as the mineral combination.  The net result of these powerful earth energies is what has attracted people to the area to “feel good” in ways that can’t seem to be explained.

Electromagnetic energy has always been around and it has always had an effect on us and our health.  The problem is, due to our limited senses, we cannot detect it, but we can detect its influence on us.  Magnetic energy is created by the energetic pull or attraction of two opposite poles on a magnet.  We have all seen this when playing with magnets.  The north and south poles of the earth are like enormous magnets that create a magnetic field that influences all of nature, including our body function.  Electrical energy has its own characteristics and comes from many sources such as the sun.  Its energy also plays a major role in our body function.  But, combining magnetic energy and electrical energy creates electromagnetic energy and that is when things get both powerful and mystical.

The native Americans noted that the energy of the Sedona area had either feminine or masculine energy.  One place, Boynton Canyon, appeared to have both.  We now know that magnetic energy appears to have feminine qualities, while electrical energy seems to have masculine qualities.  It is not hard to imagine that magnetic energy from Mother Earth is feminine while electrical energy from the sun is masculine.  Many cultures identify the sun as Father Sun.

Recent research about electromagnetic energy suggests that our thoughts and emotions also play a role in the creation of electromagnetic energy, which affects the health of the body.  It seems that thoughts are electrical in nature, while feelings are magnetic in nature.  So, when we have thoughts that evoke an emotional reaction, we create an electromagnetic field in our body.  If the thoughts are healthy, and we have a happy emotional reaction, the electromagnetic field is healthy in nature and it helps our body function properly.  If our thoughts are negative, then the fearful emotion created, along with the negative thoughts, combine energetically to produce an unhealthy electromagnetic field.  In time, this leads to emotional disease as well as physical disease of the body.  Obviously, the energetic connection we have with our beloved pet is also affected by the electromagnetic field and in time, the pet will have similar emotional and physical diseases.

The accumulation of the electromagnetic field of the body creates what mystics call the body’s aura.  Many energetically sensitive people can visualize the body’s aura.  A healthy aura (electromagnetic field) is usually white to gold and the healthier it is, the further it extends away from the body.  The unhealthy aura takes on a deeper color (blue or green) and becomes smaller and closer to the physical body.

So, how can we use this information in order to help ourselves and our pets get healthy?  By getting electromagnetic therapy.  Since the 1970s, veterinarians have been using magnets to help bones heal.  Over time, the use of magnets increased for helping with pain.  Soon, people started using them and we found magnets in mattresses, etc.  The benefits were limited, so the momentum faded for a while.  Then, researches found that if they ran electrical current through the magnets, creating an electromagnetic field, the magic started.  Not only did it change the type of energy, but the energetic field increased dramatically.

Over the past decade or so, pulsed, electromagnetic therapy (PEMT) has gained tremendous momentum and popularity.  It is now being routinely used for most diseases, both emotional and physical, and often it is the initial “go-to” therapy for certain diseases.  I personally use this therapy on all of my patients in my office and have seen remarkable results.  I have had dogs with non-union fractures scheduled for amputation heal, thyroid function in both dogs and cats restore balance, relief from chronic pain, improvement in cancer therapy and much, much more.  In time we will realize that electromagnetic therapy will likely benefit most physical and emotional diseases as well as a natural way of restoring balance in order to prevent disease.

The method of treatment for PEMT is a mat that the patient lays on or it is wrapped around an affected area of the body.  The treatment usually last for 20-30 minutes and the pet (or person) does not feel the energy, so there is no discomfort.  For people, the Beemer PEMT mat has become very popular (thought a bit expensive for my taste).  There are PEMT mats available for people and pets and I have had several clients purchase one for their pet, use it regularly, and seen great results.  And, they don’t have to go to Sedona to gain the benefit of this mystical energy.