I am amazed at how may people post statements on different pet-related Facebook Pages that state that they love their pets more than they do people.  A lot of you might be shaking your head in agreement with their statement.  How is it that this can happen because true love is always unconditional?  

Why is it so easy to love your pet?  Because you know that they don’t judge you.  This is the definition of unconditional love.  If they don’t judge us, they don’t remind us of how little we actually love ourselves.  How could we love ourselves?  We have lied, manipulated, used or perhaps even abused others and that certainly is not someone who deserves to be loved.  At least that is what our ego-mind tells us.

We have all been in love with another person.  Love expresses itself easily because it is our nature to love.  In the beginning of most human relationships, the love flows freely and life is good.  Then, the ego-mind creeps in and starts reminding you that this person is going to see your flaws and judge you as unloveable.  When this happens, you put up a wall that protects your feelings and emotions and this blocks the flow of love from you to the other person.  The ego-mind responds by judging the other person, finding flaws that will easily defend your subconscious mind that has conditioned the belief that you are not worthy of being loved.  That is the end of the loving relationship.

If you look at your pet or your child, you feel love.  This love is not coming to you from your pet, but you are feeling the love flowing from you as you are the source of your love.  You allow the love to flow from you to it without interference.  This is how your pet and your child loves you unconditionally.  There is no judgment, the tool of the ego that uses judgment to make you feel unworthy.

Love is never not there.  It is who you are.  But, judgment causes us to feel separate from the other and in separation the love is blocked.  It is only when love is allowed to flow freely from one to another that unification occurs and unconditional love is expressed.  

Many of us have been so conditioned throughout our lives to judge others, judge events in our lives, judge life itself that we have built an energetic wall around ourselves that keeps our love inside and will not allow it to connect with the love from others.  By doing this, we no longer feel the love that we are and our ego-mind uses this to reaffirm that we are not lovable and that life is a burden instead of a blessing.

We try to love ourselves, but this seems impossible because love cannot express itself without sharing it with another.  Our pets often give us the only avenue for expressing our love and in doing so, we often become so dependent on them for this, we believe that they are responsible for this love.  Remember, they are not.  We can only feel love when we give love.  We can only give love when we do not judge one another, but allow ourselves to connect with our genuine hearts.  

I talk to so many clients with pets who have been diagnosed with a terminal disease.  They are confronted with the reality that their pet will soon transition and they go into a panic mode in order to save their lives  If we step back and look at this objectively, we do this not as a loving act, but as a fearful act, fear that we will lose that one thing that loves us unconditionally.  

During these times, we have to be aware of this and return to that place that our pets live, without judgment, unconditional loving.  We cannot direct healing from a fearful place as healing only comes when planted in the ground of unconditional love.  Judging life to be unfair or for the disease to be horrible is a fearful reaction that keeps us from the unconditional love that we need for healing.  Note that I said, WE need for healing.  

Our pets, living without judgment and loving unconditionally do not need healing as they are are aware of the Truth and this is true healing.  It is only us, who have been driven by the ego and judging life moment to moment who need to be healed and our pet is offering this lesson in unconditional love so that we might heal and join them in the Truth that only love exists.  

Be aware of hurtful feelings and painful thoughts.  They are the effects of judging and judging is the only thing that keeps us from healing and loving unconditionally.  This is the only desire that our pet has for us, to learn to love unconditionally.