For as long as I can remember, I have always liked flowers.  Being a southern-raised child, we usually had a veggie garden somewhere, and the moms and grandmas spent lots of time talking about how to grow the best tomatoes.  But, my interest, other than eating those delightful, healthy veggies, was to see the colors and smell the fragrances of the flowers, especially the roses.

I can’t seem to ever pass up a rose along the way without stopping, and experiencing its beauty.  So, it was no surprise yesterday when the first bloom popped on one of the rose bushes in the garden.  I stopped in my tracks, ran over to it, offered my gratitude to it and sank into the experience of its beauty.

Today, as I walked into the back yard and glanced over to the rose bushes, instead of one rose, there were at least a dozen that were fully open and another dozen that had started and would be in full bloom by tomorrow.  Now, that got me thinking.  What does it take for me to make a rose?

Here are my factors for making a rose:

  1. Go to the garden store and buy rose seeds. Let’s look at this a little closer.    I have to get rose seeds if I want roses.  If I buy gardenia seeds, I will not likely get roses.  Rose seeds are required for me to make roses and those seeds had to come from another rose bush.  So, it didn’t start there.
  2. I had to do something to those seeds to make a rose. I couldn’t just take the package home and put it on the sidewalk and walk out one day and find a rose bush full of roses.  Those seeds needed help.  I read my directions:  plant in good soil, water and allow a certain amount of sunlight.
  3. Need good soil, water and sunlight. So, I follow the instructions and plant the seeds, water them and expose them to the correct amount of sun.  The next day, nothing.  But, I have followed directions, but no rose bush.
  4. Time passes and something happens. A little green plant starts to emerge from the ground.  However, it is not the seed.  Something changed the seed to a plant.  How the heck did that happen?  So, I start to watch it.  It is taking longer than I like, but I practice patience.
  5. Time continues to pass. I continue to water as per my instructions.  The plant grows and changes in shape; new branches and stickers (thorns).  Nothing on the package said stickers.  But, patients prevails and I continue, now watching for the stickers.
  6. Buds start to appear, small but noticeable. Then, pop.  A rose.

My reasoning says that these are the requirements:  seeds, ground, water, sun, time, patience, something weird, more patience, careful handling for self protection, more weird stuff that I don’t understand, magic.

If I want to expand my curiosity and think of everything in my life that I want to create or make, including perfect health and well being for myself and my pet, then it becomes obvious that it requires a lot of stuff.

First, it requires me in order to become my reality.  Duh.  Then, it requires some intention or desire to make something.  If I want great health for my pet and I spend all my time focused on paying bills, going to work, etc., I am probably going to end up with something else, maybe a gardenia.  Next, I am going to need some help with external sources like genetic potential (seeds).  Can’t make a 5 ft white dude into a professional basketball star.  Next, nourishment (ground).  Next, energy (sun).  Next, time.  Then, turn it over to the mystery, be patient, handle it gently, more patience and mystery and then the magic of creation.

One of the most important factors in creating, or directing healing, is to be patient and let the universal laws do their work.  They have been doing this as long as we have been around.  Just like the rose, it knows when and how things need to happen.  We, on the other hand, want to see our results immediately.  If I plant my rose seeds into the ground and water the ground, I don’t go out to the spot the next day and jump up and down because the rose hasn’t appeared.  I am aware that it will take some time, and I am also aware that it will happen.

We have to maintain this perspective when we are directing healing.  We place our focused intention into the universal consciousness, we get excited knowing that what we desire is going to occur, then we have to have patience to allow it to do its thing.  If we don’t, the anxiety or worry, will create negative energy, that slows down the process.  It is part of the universal energetic equation.

How do we have patience?  We trust.  How do we trust?  By not, not trusting.  We can either remind ourselves how many times life has come through for us, or we can take the easiest path, whenever doubtful thoughts arise, we become aware of them and let them pass.  The point is not to engage with them.

We can use this formula with just about everything in our lives, including life itself.  We can get focused on what we truly desire, get excited about it and release it to the universal laws that are waiting to give us a hand.  Then, turn it over to the mystery and have fun while you are waiting for it to show itself.