Have you ever noticed how people who promote health care use fear as a motivating factor?  Whether it is the recording on the phone at the pharmacy, warning you that it is flu season and that you need to get your flu shot or your veterinarian telling you that your cat needs it leukemia shot to be protected from the awful life-threatening virus spread from cat to cat; even if your cat never goes outside.  

I called a local vet clinic for some records for a patient and I was put on hold and listened to their recording.  It said, “It is summer and a lot of people take their dogs to the dog park.  Did you know how dangerous this can be? Viruses, like rabies and parvo, may be waiting to infect your dog.  Make sure that your dog is updated on its vaccinations before going to the dog park.  Rabies at the dog park?  Oh, my.  They forgot to mention that there has never been a case of rabies in a dog in the state of Washington.  Never.

Try to sit down and watch the television without seeing a commercial from big pharma telling you that you need this drug to address this disease.  It doesn’t make any difference if you have the disease, the commercial has brought the disease to your attention and has warned you.  Many people will start thinking about the symptoms and self-diagnose themselves and run to the doctor.

I see this every day in the holistic veterinary business.  Don’t feed this pet food or it will get cancer.  Don’t supplement with this as it might be rancid.  Giving this vaccine will cause these horrible symptoms and so on.  Your mind might be telling you that this is helpful information that you need to know in order to protect yourself or your pet.  It might, but it will not move you or your pet towards normal health and well being.  Why?  Because fearful thoughts emotions and the actions based on those will only attract fearful responses.  This is called the law of attraction and is a universal law of subtle energy.

From a truly holistic perspective, we need to look at this and understand it and see the effects that it has on our lives.  Using fear to attract healing is like a government that believes war will bring peace.  Old Judge Roy Bean once said, “We will have peace in this town and I don’t care how many people I have to hang to see that it happens.”  Sounds a bit paradoxical doesn’t it?

We have been conditioned to believe that we need to have fear in order to motivate us to do something.  This is a major factor in our lives.  Most of us go to a job that is not fulfilling because we fear that we not survive without it.  We let fear do this to us and in return we exchange our lives for money in a false belief that it will provide security for us.  

We have become so steeped in fear that we can’t even imagine what it would be like not to be motivated by it.  I will give you a hint; it would be wonderful.  If we could drop the fear, our lives would move along fine, but instead of attracting results based on fear, the results would be much better for us.  It would allow us to move through life in awe-struck amazement.  Take a moment and think of something that you fear; cancer, poverty, loneliness.  How does it feel?  It feels contracting doesn’t it, particularly in your heart area?  Now, think of something that is not fearful; the love that you have for your pets, your family and friends, the beauty of a sunrise over the ocean or the fragrance of a rose.  How do you feel now?  You feel an expansion in your heart area.  

This is how you should feel during your life’s experience.  Wouldn’t that be great?  How do you do this?  By dropping the fearful thoughts.  They are only a conditioning of the mind and you created the fearful emotions, so you can change them.  Remember when you were afraid of the boogey man?  You aren’t any longer.  The belief that you need to be afraid of life has no more substance than the boogey man.

There is an old saying used by many spiritual teachers.  It says, “You cannot worship two gods.”  The two gods are fear and love.  If your life focuses on fear, you cannot know love.  You might get glimpses of it when you are playing with your pet or hugging your grandchild, but it will only come in fleeting glances.

Once again, all of life is energetic in nature and energy has its laws that are objective and real.  Fearful energies, those that make you feel contracted, are low vibrational energies that are harmful to you and those around you.  Loving energies, those that open your heart, are high vibrational and healing in nature to you and those around you.  Fearful energies attract fearful energy and loving energies attract loving energies.  If you want the life that you were meant to have, you must be in a loving state of mind.  From that seat of consciousness, you will attract perfect health and well being and you will offer that energy state to all those around you and to the world itself.  That is how powerful love is.

If you are aligned with love, you will not worry about your pet getting sick.  Your life and all those around you will be strong and healthy.  You will be guided intuitively to find what you need to find in order to reflect the level of perfect health and well being.  You will know what is in the best interest for yourself and your pet.  When you start to feed your pet something that is not good for it, you will sense that it is bad because the energy of the food is lower than your vibrational energy and you will detect that energy.  The same goes for anything regarding your pet’s health.  If your vet recommends something that is not in your pet’s best interest, you will feel it and your energy will not allow it to happen.  

This might sound bizarre, but it is not.  The only reason that you think it is bizarre is because you haven’t experienced it.  Be open to this truth and this openness will move you a step closer to this reality.  Be aware of your thoughts and feelings.  When you feel bad about something, it is a sign that you are aligned with fear and not love.  You have spent so much time living in a fearful mindset and it is time to make a change.  If you do, your reality will move from anxiety and worry to compassion, faith and kindness.  Doesn’t that sound like a better way to experience life for yourself, your pets and all of your loved ones?