Phone Consultations

Customized 1-on-1 guidance delivered on YOUR schedule

  • Have you ever wanted to get access to a veterinarian without the hassle and stress of bringing your sick pet into the veterinarians office?
  • Can’t to find a holistic veterinarian in your area but need 1-on-1 guidance?
  • Afraid of the dangerous treatments your conventional veterinarian is prescribing and want a 2nd opinion?

You can get 1-on-1 customized guidance on your pet’s health no matter where you live.  Here is how:

New Pet Consultation*

  1. Before the call
    1. Sign up for an initial phone consultation by calling 509-214-2676.
    2. you or your current veterinarian send me:
      1. your pet’s previous records
      2. relevant lab work
    3. You fill out my questionnaire about your pet (I will review everything prior to our call)
  2. During the call We discuss your pet’s health issues.
  3. After the call I prepare a followup report with specific recommendations and send it to you via email.

What you get:

  • A comprehensive review of your pet’s medical records, health history, and relevant lab work.
  • 60-minute phone consultation
  • A custom email report with specific recommendations for your pet.
  • Email responses for all your questions about the report.

Cost: $185

Call 509-214-2676 to book your appointment and get started today.

Schedule three appointments, save $65

If you book two additional followup up appointments when you book your New Pet Consultation you get a 15% discount. Just ask for the “three session discount package” when you call 509-214-2676 today.

*All new patients are required to start with either the New Pet Consultation or the three session discount package.

Followup Calls for Existing patients*

  • Full length (60 min) call ($115) perfect as a quarterly update, or when new symptoms, conditions, or issues appear.
  • Short, 30 min, call ($70) perfect for questions, updates, and general information.

Call 509-214-2676 to book a followup call for existing patients today.

*This option is only available to patients I have treated previously, either in person or via previous phone consult.

Get started today:

Beginning April 1 2018 I have appointments available Monday-Saturday for busy caretakers.

To book your appointment today call 509-214-2676.