Phone Consultations

Lets Put Healing Back Into health Care-Dr Dennis Thomas

Answers according to YOUR schedule, when you need them most with one-on-one coaching.

  • Is anyone really listening to your concerns and addressing you and your pet’s needs?
  • Are you tired of treating the symptoms and not getting to the source of the problem causing all the symptoms?
  • Feeling frustrated, angry or confused about your pet’s health care needs and your current veterinarian’s inability to solve them?
  • Or, are you into great health for yourself and you want some sound advice for the same for your pet?
  • Stop being a victim of the health care industry.  Empower yourself to make the choices you need to make for your pet’s health.

What I Can Do For You:

  1. I will offer you expert advice based on 30+ of experience with pets.
  2. I will give you health recommendations from a holistic perspective that you can implement TODAY.
  3. I will give you the ability to face health situations from a perspective that EMPOWERS YOU to help your pet.
  4.  Help you PREVENT disastrous health problem with your pet with PREVENTATIVE holistic health practices to KEEP your pet healthy, reduce dr. visits and enhance their quality of life.

What I Can’t Do For You:

Because I am not in the room with your pet I cannot write prescriptions or do procedures. However, the one-on-one phone coaching is designed specifically to be a less invasive way of treating your pet before harmful medications and procedures, with their many harmful side effects, must be used on your pet.

The Phone Consultation:

Each 60 minute consultation involves a 15-minute file review to get “up to speed” on the health of your pet with a full 45 minutes of discussion, advice, and direction tailored to the specific needs of your pet.

To schedule an appointment with my office today call 509-214-2676.

A fee of $115 will be charged for the phone consultation with email responses being charged separately.