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“Insanity:  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ….. A. Einstein

The other day, I had a veterinary colleague of mine remind me that alternative modalities, using acupuncture and energy medicine, weren’t scientifically proven.  I smiled, remembering that it is our old ultimate trump card when we want to deny any benefits of alternative medicine.  I know, I used to play the same trump card.

The problem is that we conventional clinicians, both veterinary and human, rarely ever question this belief nor do we acknowledge that science is changing in spite of this belief.  This same veterinarian said he used laser therapy but relied completely on the scientific method for determining how he practiced.  When I asked how the laser works, he said that it increased microvascular circulation to the area, promoting healing.

Yes, that is what laser does but it doesn’t explain how laser therapy works.  Here lies the kicker.  The scientific method of explaining how a modality works is relative.  The old stand by (our trump card) is the same method that we have been using in the laboratory for a hundred years.  You know, you read and hear this all the time.  “It is scientifically proven.”

Actually, there are two scientific methods, currently used at this time.  Unfortunately, medicine and health care, choses to only recognize one.  This method for scientific proof explains how matter works, which obviously includes the physical body.  Its laws and logic rely on Newtonian Physics. 

Newtonian physics does a great job of explaining how matter works and we have done a good job of equating that with the physical body.  The body consists of an organism made up of organs, tissues, cells and a biochemical process that operates it.  We can even minimize it down to the molecules that make up the cells.  This all can be scientifically proven in the lab.

Fortunately, it does not stop there.  Material science, which we use with the body and its health, believes that there is matter separated by an empty space.  You look around the room and you might see some chairs, a table and so on.  Between those objects there is a space.  This is how you are able to detect them.   Material science, when it comes to health care, sees the components of the atoms as particles (matter) separated by an empty space.  Easy enough to understand this using their logic.  But, this is not the case.  This empty space is actually a matrix of energy that science now calls subatomic space.  This space is not an empty space at all.  It is actually a matrix of subatomic energy that has energy and intelligence.  This is the subatomic world of quantum physics, the new method of understanding science. 

Quantum physics explains how subtle energy works.  Guess what.  Laser therapy works by the laws of quantum physics.  Trying to explain how subtle energy works using the laws of matter is like trying to play chess using the laws and logic of checkers.  It will NEVER work. 

Let’s go back to the laser example.  My colleague is ok with knowing what the laser does because he believes it has been scientifically proven.  Remember, he understands what the laser does but not how the laser works.  Let’s look at acupuncture as another example.  If I activate the acupuncture point PC6, it will reduce stomach acidity by as much as 15%.  We can measure this in the lab and it can be repeated time and again with the same results.  I can also activate the acupuncture point LI11 which will increase T-lymphocyte (cancer fighter immune cells) by 20%.  Again, we can measure this response in the lab and it is repeatable.  Heck, we can use acupuncture points to stop seizures, counter shock, initiate breathing, move a fetus into the normal position in the uterus, increase blood supply to the vital organs, reduce blood pressure and many other things that drugs may or may not be able to do, but they are not used because acupuncture is not scientifically proven.  That is, according to the science of matter.

Then, why is it that no one bothers to prove alternative modalities by using quantum physics?  Its because most medical research is funded by big pharmacy and the last thing that they want is to prove that something benefits the body besides drugs.  What about the government?  Who puts the money in the re-election coffers?  Big business, like big pharmacy.

Alternative modalities that are used throughout the world are widely accepted.  We get a headache, we take a pill.  Other parts of the world, they get a headache, they take an herb, a remedy or put pressure on an acupuncture point.  Alternative modalities are like global warming, 98% of the scientist believe that it is a fact, while the other 2% don’t.  Those 2% live here in the US and they are funded by big business.

The next time your clinician mentions to you that alternative modalities like acupuncture or homeopathy are not scientifically proven, do what I do.  Just smile, nod your head and move on.  You know the old saying.  “Don’t try to teach a pig to dance.  It will frustrate you and annoy the pig.”

I would love to hear from you, have you ever had anyone tell you not to use alternative modalities because they were not “scientifically proven?” Leave a comment and let me know.

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