As a holistic veterinarian Dr. Thomas takes the best practices from both the east and the west to practice a unique brand of veterinary care that is second to none.

After more than twenty years of traditional western veterinary practice, Dr. Thomas began to incorporate alternative and complimentary forms of pet health care for his patients.  In addition to being trained at one of the top veterinary schools in the country he added traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, veterinary acupuncture, and Chinese herbal remedies to direct healing beyond the limits of traditional western veterinary care, with incredible results.

Today, Dr. Thomas takes pet health care to a new level by changing the focus from treating your pet to healing your pet. Veterinary care is more than giving vaccines, mending broken bones, and proscribing pills for your pet’s illnesses. By looking past the immediate symptoms, and caring for the WHOLE pet Dr. Thomas transforms the lives of both pets and their caretakers.

At his “little healing room” Dr. Thomas tailors his approach to the unique needs of your beloved pet. Believing that every pet’s natural state of being is perfect health, Dr. Thomas works to restore and maintain your pet’s energetic balance and natural state of being via the least invasive and most effective treatments available.

Dr. Thomas recognizes the importance of the healing, energetic bond between people and their pets, and utilizes this awareness to direct healing from this loving, compassionate state of mind.

Are you looking for better veterinary care? Do you want to unlock the best life possible for your pet? Dr. Thomas can help.