The Truth about Conx

Once upon a time on a distant planet in a faraway galaxy lived a civilized people known as Ids.  Ids were a very evolved people, with great intellect, similar to us humans.  They lived in a civilized society with moral influences, hopes and desires.  

The Ids were experiencing a significant rise in a fatal disease called Conx.  Conx had been around throughout the history of the Ids, but now most of them were dying from this horrible disease and there was much focus on the treatment and prevention of the disease.  Even though there had been some progress made, it was still considered a fatal disease and the number of victims continued to increase.

The word Conx, itself, caused great suffering.  If an Id was diagnosed with Conx, not only did the individual with the disease suffer greatly, but all of those associated with the individual did as well.  “Oh my.  I heard that your father has been diagnosed with Conx.  How awful,” they might say.

Then one day a strange thing happened.  Their god descended from his heaven and told the Ids that he loved them so much that he had to reveal the truth to them.  He then told them that Conx was actually a great blessing that he had bestowed on his people.  He further explained that any Id that died from Conx would go to heaven and that was the only way to get into heaven.

The Ids were in shock.  For so many years they had suffered from the thought of getting this awful disease, only to find out that it was actually a great blessing.  Dying from Conx was the pathway to heaven.

From that day forward, anyone who was diagnosed with Conx experienced great joy.  All family and friends rejoiced with the diagnosis.  Celebrations were given in honor of the patient.  Those who had the disease never complained of the symptoms even though they were the same as always.  Suffering from the disease came to an end.

Unfortunately, people who were diagnosed with other fatal diseases had great suffering.  Not only were they surely going to die, there was the belief that they would not be going to heaven.  The Ids were adamant that something should be done to ensure that they would die from Conx and not some other disease.  They all wanted to go to heaven.  They tried to do all the things that they heard were possible contributions to getting Conx while trying to avoid those potential factors that caused the other life-threatening diseases.  But, many of the people that should have gotten Conx did not, and often died from other diseases and causes.  There was great stress and suffering throughout the land.

The years went by and although the Ids knew the pathway to heaven, there was obviously no control or individual will that assured them that they would end up with the disease or the pathway to heaven.  Then one day, their god returned.  He told them that he was not altogether truthful to them and that Conx was not actually the pathway to heaven.  The Ids were confused.

Their god then told them that there was no real pathway to heaven and that the Ids were already in heaven.  He explained that their thinking about disease and  dying and the fear of not going to heaven had kept them from realizing that heaven existed right here, right now.  The fearful mind that stayed focused on their fears and caused great suffering in their reality, had been the veil that kept them from realizing the true heaven that was there all along. The Ids committed themselves to learn how to quieten the fearful mind and in time they experienced the heaven that they desired.  

And, they lived happily ever after.  

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