The Shape of Water

A lot of people, and a whole lot of clinicians, have a hard time believing that everything is energy.  When you stump your toe on a rock, it doesn’t feel like energy.  When you look at or feel the physical body, it is hard to imagine that it is energy.  It’s pretty easy to understand when we know how we perceive things.  Our perceptions are solely based on our senses, combined with thoughts and feelings.

We can touch the body, feel the body, hear the body, see the body and even taste it, so we absolutely know that it is real.  Then, we think about the body and feel emotions in our body, so for a very long time, we have been stuck in our beliefs.  It seems that anything beyond our perceptions relies on belief.  We believe that if we stick a finger in the electrical outlet, we are going to get a jolt.  Even though we cannot see electricity, we can see the effects of it enough to actually believe that it exists.  We see sunlight and believe that it is light, although we do not actually see the light, but see its reflections off the particles in the light.

When I give talks about the energy body and how important it is when it comes to health care, it can be very difficult for people to believe it.  I can give a lot of explanations using quantum physics and most people start to accept it, but it is still too far out there for their skeptical mind.  I was talking to a skeptical veterinarian one day and he told me that he did not believe in my “theory” that the body was an energetic thing.  I asked him if he had a laser unit and he said yes.  I told him that the laser used subtle energy to activate the energetic body.  He wanted to argue that laser increased blood supply to the area to promote healing and reduce inflammation.  I tried to explain that that was the effect of the laser energy and not how it actually worked.  His understanding was based on anecdotal belief (seeing the results enough to believe it) and not a real understanding of how the subtle energy worked.  I find it ironical that most clinicians accept the anecdotal benefits of laser but refuse to accept the anecdotal benefits of acupuncture or homeopathy.  They fall back on the, “It is not scientifically proven.”

I finally stumbled on a way that some people can start to get a feel of how energy works and how it can be beneficial for health care.  I start using water to explain it.  If you take a block of ice and I ask you what is the ice made of, you will answer, water.  The water has taken the form of ice, although it is still water.  Then, you heat the ice block a bit and what happens?  It melts and turns to a liquid form, we call water.  If we continue to heat the water a bit more, the liquid turns into steam or vapor, but it is still water.  We can look at each molecular makeup of the ice, water and steam and it will be exactly the same; H2O.  Water, but in different forms.

This is exactly what happens to the body.  But, it starts out in the reverse.  The energetic body is like the steam, even more transparent, as it is beyond our senses.  The energy in the energetic body alters itself into a particle form that is liquid (blood, urine, synovial fluid, sweat, etc.) and also the densest form of matter, the solid form of tissue (bone, muscle, skin, etc.).  Just like the H2O, the energy takes form as the subtle energetic body, the liquid and the solid.  Even though the form is different, it is still the same.  And, just like the H2O, each form has its own quality and function.

If we reduce our beliefs to thinking that the body is only the matter, then we limit its ability to function as well as limit our ability to understand how it really functions.  As energy moves from densest form (ice, solid tissue) which is very limited in function to a less dense energy (water, liquids of the body), the diversification of the energy increases.  You can do a lot more with water than you can with ice just due to its flexible form.  And, as the energy increases in frequency and becomes less dense, then it continues to expand and more possibilities arise.  This is exactly what happens with our body and our pet’s body.

Cell biologists all over the world have begun to accept the energetic functions of the body and as they do research with this new understanding, the limitations of the physical body are greatly exceeded.  Alternative modalities like acupuncture and homeopathy are based on balancing the energetic body which will reflect itself in the physical body.  Hopefully, one day, conventional medicine will accept this new perspective of the body as an energetic being.  Or, conventional medicine can continue to consider it mystical and non-scientific.  Get out the ice pick.

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