Healing Room

The Healing Room

The Healing Room is a one-room facility that is designed to promote and direct healing for you and your pet. Your pet will not be seen in a clinical environment. Be aware that any energy you bring into the room will affect the energetic balance of the entire room. Your pet’s natural state is one of calm attention. However, animals are sponge-like in their ability to absorb and take on the emotional states of their human companions. This can contribute to, or block the healing of an energetic imbalance.  With this thought in mind, we invite you to take a few minutes and clear your mind of anxiety and frustration.

I recommend taking a quiet moment in your car or at home before your visit to center yourself. Get comfortable, relax your body and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and relax into your breathing. Imagine that you are sitting in a peaceful, serene place and you are so moved by its beauty that you are in a state of awe.  Nothing can harm you or your loved ones, and your future is safe and assured. Hold that image in your mind and continue to relax and breathe. If other thoughts enter, notice them and allow them to leave as you move your mind back to your wonderful, imagined environment.  Feel the wonderful feeling moving through your being.  After a few minutes, let your attention return to your immediate surroundings and open your eyes.  Keep focused on those feelings you experienced during your meditative state and bring them with you to your appointment.

The Healing Room will be filled with healing energy and as Dr. Thomas works with you and your pet, music will be played to maintain the harmonic energy that is aligned with healing vibrations.  The desired focus will be on love, compassion and healing at all times.

During the first appointment, Dr. Thomas will focus on your pet’s health history and physical examination.  He will go over the client questionnaire in order to get a full perspective of your pet.  He will go over your pet’s medical history and ask questions that no veterinarian has asked; Does your pet dream?  If your pet wakes up during the night, what is the exact time and many more.  Next, Dr. Thomas will examine your pet from a holistic perspective (conventional medical approach and alternative perspective). Then, he will do an energetic treatment using a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective in order to begin to balance your pet’s energetic body.   The initial evaluation, examination and treatment usually takes about 1.5 hours.

Fees:  Initial exam and workup takes about 1.5 hours and the cost is $115. Follow-up treatments take about 1 hour and the cost is $70.  Consultations for puppies and kittens and nutrition consultations take one hour and the cost is $70.  Dr. Thomas does phone consultations for pet caretakers who are out of town and cannot come to his office.  The fee for a phone consult (thirty minute file review, 60 minute phone discussion) is $115.