The God Particle

In Switzerland, there is an enormous underground LEP.  LEP stands for large electron positron collider.  This giant, circular instrument consisting of magnets in a special alignment, is used to accelerate electrons and positrons (energetic units) near the speed of light.  Once they reach the desired speed, they will often collide and have a reaction.  For a moment, the reaction creates what is known as a virtual particle called a Z boson.

To put this into layman’s terms, they are trying to create particles (mass or form) out of subtle energy.  Scientifically, this is called the Higgs boson particle or God particle.  Unfortunately, many years and billions of dollars later, they still have not created form from energy.  Why?  Not because there is no God, nor they have not quite figured it out, but because they don’t understand the key component.  The final component in converting energy to mass requires perception.  Obviously, a billion dollar machine does not have a perception.

You know by now that I try to explain just about everything using the laws of energy and I always include them into our health and spiritual awareness.  Not to do so, would be like constructing a building without a foundation.  So, be patient with me as I am moving in a specific direction and purpose.

Imagine that there is an endless abundance of vibrational energy.  Let’s call it pure potentiality.  It has the energy and information to create anything that anyone will ever desire.  This energetic mass manipulates itself to create a similar type of unending energy and continues to do so, creating different levels or dimensions of subtle energy.  They all have a purpose in creation.  Then, this energetic field manipulates itself into apparent separate fields in order to experience itself.  The last energetic manipulation by those separate fields creates the appearance of matter or form.  This is the world that we live in consisting of separate individual forms (bodies, trees, buildings, etc.) separated by an empty space.

In truth, the space between the apparent objects is not empty.  It is actually the matrix of subtle energy that created the individual bodies, trees, plants, etc.  Not only is the space not empty, it has energy and intelligence.  Even our old friend, Albert Einstein stated that everything that exists is because of this matrix.

Because of the way our brain works, we rely on our senses to perceive our apparent reality.  We see something, make a mental note of it and it is stored in our memory bank as a conceptual idea.  These conceptual ideas not only have the effect of visual appearance, but also beliefs about what is seen.  If you have a pet and you are in a relationship with a partner you can bet the farm that your perception of that pet is different than that of your partner.  Even though you both see the pet, you each have created a virtual reality of that pet in your individual mind.  Now, you can understand why it is so often difficult to understand why your partner doesn’t see things the way you do.

Over the years we get so conditioned with our perceptions that we believe our reality is everyone else’s reality.  As you now know, this is impossible.  Back in the 70s, the electron microscope was invented.  This discovery led to many other discoveries, one was the basic understanding of reality.  Two scientists had discovered the way to isolate a quark, the smallest energetic bundle that exists.  When one scientist looked into the electron microscope at the quark he made his notes of its appearance, qualities and functions.  The second scientist looked in the scope at the same quark and made his notes.  But, when they compared them, their observations were completely different.  To make a long story short, the quark appeared in each scientists reality according to what the individual scientists believed or perceived it to be.  What was real was actually relative.  NO reality.  Just perceived reality.

What in the world does all this quantum physics have to do with health care and spiritual evolving?  It tells us that we, as individuals, are solely responsible for our reality.  What you look out and see as your world, is nothing more than a projection of your perceptions.  Now, that might seem a bit scary, but if you look at it with some openness and objectivity, it might explain some things and give you the opportunity to see how much power you have in creating your day to day.

If you would continue to be open to this you would start to understand that everything out there in your reality, is not quite the Truth.  Now, hold on to your shorts because it is going to get really freaky.  Imagine that not only are you seeing your “out there” reality based on your perception, you are actually seeing yourself the same way.  This is hard to imagine because we are so used to seeing out there through our eyes.  But, this is only because it is our focus of attention.  Actually, our awareness of our reality is sort of “behind and above” us.  Our true awareness (mind) is projecting our perceived awareness into our reality, which includes our body.

If our body is a projection of our perception (accumulative beliefs) then our body is nothing more than an endpoint of that perceived reality.  Our body responds to our mind’s perception exactly like the quark did for the scientist.  The God particle that is your body and all the individual objects (including your pet) in your apparent reality is determined by your perceptions.

If this is true, which it is, then you are in control of your body and its functions.  I won’t get into much detail about this but I will say that if you align your beliefs with healthy thoughts and feelings, it will be reflected in your health and the health of your surrounding reality, including your pet.  Imagine that.  Yes, imagine that.

One more thing to think about.  If your body and your pet’s body is nothing more than a perceived reality based on your beliefs, then who are you really?  You are that awareness in the background.  And, so is your pet.  Because your consciousness is focused on the body and personal mind, you are not aware of the aliveness of your true self.  When the body is gone, you will once again be aware of your aliveness and its wonder.

Take it one step further and you will come to understand that when your pet’s body (phenomenal body) dies, its awareness (essence) will return to its true Self.  Your pet’s Self and your Self are the same.  Both of you came from the same energy and awareness and both will return to the same after the phenomenal body is gone. Together for eternity.

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