Power Vs. Force

         “The only way to enhance one’s power in the world is by increasing one’s integrity, understanding, and capacity for compassion.” …..David Hawkins

I remember one time that I had a phone consultation with a lady in another state.  She immediately started telling me that her dog had cancer and that she had to do something now to stop it.  She told me that she was working with two veterinary specialists and two holistic vets.  I began to wonder why she was calling me.  It was obvious that she was in good hands and that what could be done for her pet was most likely being done. 

It then came to me that maybe the reason I was involved in this experience was to shed some light from a different perspective.  I asked her if she was open to considering the possibility that her dog wasn’t supposed to live.  She said a few profound words of profanity and then hung up.  Obviously, the experience was a lesson for me.

I also remember a time that I was talking to a group of veterinarians and I asked them if they had any patients that they had worked on that just didn’t get better no matter what they did.  Perhaps they had worked on many pets with the same condition but despite all their efforts, there was no resolution.  They all shook their heads in agreement.  They eagerly waited for some educated information that might help them solve this dilemma.  Instead, I asked them to consider that perhaps the pet was not supposed to get better.  That’s when I lost their attention.  Oh, well.

When we are faced with a serious illness with our pet, or other loved ones, we react from a conditioned mind that wants to fight fire with fire.  We see illness as a threat and we react with force.  Force, like everything in life, is energy and the energy of force creates resistance.  If you push against a wall, the wall’s energy pushes back with an equal force, creating resistance.  If you push another person, he will likely push back creating resistance.  The net effect is usually nothing accomplished.

Power, on the other hand, is a different type of energy. It is so subtle that there is no opposition to resist it.  Therefore, it is capable of moving without resistance.  The “flow” of life is such a power.  This is why when you do something that you love, you can do it for hours.  Time seems to stand still and when you stop, you realize that you actually have more energy than when you started.  This is why power is so much more effective than force.

You might be asking, “What does this have to do with my pet’s health?”  When serious illness threatens our pet’s health and we react and use force to try to create an outcome that we desire, we use the energy of force in order to find resolution.  As you can begin to see, the net result will be neutral at best, and a lot of energy will have been used that might been used more effectively.

If we want to be effective in dealing with serious illness or even preventing illness, we begin with aligning ourselves with the energetic state that initiates power instead of force.  We all are fully equipped with the ability to do this but most of us have forgotten and rely on the old conditioned patterns of reaction and force.  We are loving beings but have been strongly influenced by our fearful surroundings.  Over time, we create a reality based on fear and fearful reactions.  It is like looking through some darkened glasses that focus on the bad instead of the good in life.

If we are to align ourselves energetically where we live in the flow of life and the power that it offers, we must start by changing some old patterns.

Sri Mooji, my spiritual teacher, says, “Kindness, compassion and empathy are the perfumes of Love.”  I would add that anger, worry, depression and anxiety are the perfumes of fear.  Love is the energetic state where power resides.  Fear is the energetic state where force resides.

Since we are Loving beings wearing fearful disguises, how do we go about shedding this disguise so that our Love shines, we move into the flow of life and we create power instead of force?  By being kind, compassionate and empathetic.

Let’s look back at the frantic lady that hung up on me.  Her conditioned mind convinced her that her dog needed to be cured.  Is that true?  Maybe, if we look closely at this, we become aware that this might have more to do with her than her dog.  Perhaps the fear of losing her pet had created lots of other fears of what life will be without her pet.  When we get fearful and our conditioned ego-mind jumps in and participates, we don’t realize that the focus shifts from the pet to ourselves.  The ego-mind was created by ourselves to protect ourselves.  And, when our focused intent is actually on ourselves and not our pet, we no longer are capable of finding compassion, kindness and empathy for the pet.

Years ago I was treating a lovely, senior dog that had leukemia.  She had been presented in a critical situation that required emergency treatment to save her.  Fortunately, we were able to give her treatment that improved her conditioned temporarily.  She was able to go home for a few months and then on a Friday evening I received a phone call from the dog’s caretaker that she was having another crisis.

When the dog arrived she was barely alive.  We immediately jumped into emergency, life saving mode in an attempt to keep her alive.  We gave IV fluid therapy and IV drugs to counter the symptoms.  I told her caretakers that they needed to leave her with me for the night and we would do what we could to save her.  They informed me that they were going out of town for the weekend and I suggested that they go ahead with their plans and leave their old dog with me.

It was about that time when a client and friend of mine came into the clinic.  This lady was an animal communicator and had been given a special gift in her ability to connect with animals.  I asked her if she would communicate with the dog and find out what the dog wanted.

We all sat back and watched this wonderful lady communicating with this wonderful dog.  After having held the dogs paw for sometime and looking into her eyes, the lady turned to me and told me that the dog was ready to transition.  She said, “It is time for her to transition and she is ready.  She would like to go home, spend some time with her people and then transition.

At that moment, there was an energetic shift in the room that was palpable.  There was a sense of peace and love.  Compassion revealed itself and everyone that experienced that moment was aware of the truth that any attempt to intervene with this dog’s pathway would not be helpful.  I called the caretaker, who was already headed out of town.  I told her exactly what had happened and she decided to turn around and come pick up her dog.  The caretakers, moved by true compassion and love, took the dog home and gave her the attention that she wanted.  Two days later, the old dog died peacefully in her sleep.

  It is time that we began to live our lives in a loving, non-fearful manner.  The love of our pets is a great way to motivate ourselves to break old conditioned patterns that lead to reactivity, force and more fear.  Be kind and you will experience kindness.  Be compassionate and you will experience compassion.  Be loving and you will experience love.  Then, you will smell the perfume of Love, the perfume of yourself.

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