Lessons from the Rose

I have a row of rose bushes along the pathway to my office.  Each morning I pass by them and most summers they are absolutely beautiful.  However, this summer, due to very high temperatures and smoke from surrounding wildfires, they appeared to suffer.  I tried to help them by watering more than usual, fertilizing and controlling pests.  But, they remained frail and refused to blossom.

Then, the weather changed, and with the cooler, wet weather, they came to life and re-created their beauty.

It made me start contemplating the life of plants.  There is wisdom there.  How is it that those roses knew when it was best for them to come alive and display their brilliance?  How is it that a flower has the ability to open, move in the direction of the sun, avoid the shade and often close itself down during the nighttime and then re-open the next morning?  The plant has no brain, no nervous system to send messages and no muscles, ligaments or tendons to even move.  Yet, it still has all of these functions that we require in order to accomplish the same thing.

If this peeks your curiosity and you would like to begin to understand how these amazing things can happen, I would ask you to open your mind and allow yourself to just take it in without letting the reactionary mind jump in.  If not, then wait until next week and perhaps I will talk about something a little more to the point and practical about pet health care.

In order for the rose to react and move, as well as birds to fly in synchrony and fish to swim as a unit, we have to accept that the director of the symphony is outside the individual.  We have all seen a murmuration of starlings.  Hundreds of birds flying in synchrony, like a wonderful orchestration of movement.  Scientists have studied this phenomena for years and have had difficulty in explaining how the birds communicated in order to avoid chaos.  Now, we know that the direction is coming from outside the individual, like the conductor of an orchestra.  Each bird is getting the correct information in order for the entire body of the flock to move in synchrony.  The individual is always moved in the best interest of the whole.  Let that sink in.

Now, imagine that your body, and your pet’s body, works the same as the flock of birds.  Each cell in the body is directed by an outside source that provides information and energy so that it will perform in the best interest of the whole; the body.  Quantum physics, along with the research from some outstanding cell biologists have explained that this is exactly the case.  There is a quantum field or matrix of subtle energy that has an enormous influence on how our body works.  Another aha moment.

If this subtle energetic influence is true, then how does the body get unhealthy as the intention of the subtle energy is always perfect health and well being?  The answer is distorted information.  If the pure subtle energy is influenced by unhealthy energy then it becomes distorted and in time will influence the individual.  From the body’s perspective, this means poor cell function leading to disease.

An example might be ultraviolet radiation from the sun.  We have healthy skin cells because the information that feeds the DNA in our skin cells is undistorted.  However, if the skin cells are exposed to the damaging ultraviolet radiation from the sun over a period of time, the energetic information becomes distorted and it alters the performance of the cell.  In time, the healthy skin cell begins to produce new skin cells that are diseased.  It might appear as a lump or dark spot on the skin.  We call these pre-cancerous spots and from a conventional perspective we are told to watch them.  If the distorted information continues, from more ultraviolet radiation, then those cells alter themselves again and become neoplastic; skin cancer.  This is why medical research shows that radiation exposure is accumulative.  This is why people who take X-rays and ultrasound wear radiation badges in order to measure accumulative radiation in their body.

Unhealthy subtle energy can also come from many other sources; chemicals in the environment, toxic fog such as EMFs, etc.  It can also come from emotional energy in the environment.  Emotions such as fear, anger and anxiety have specific energetic profiles and they are considered unhealthy energetic patterns.  This distorted subtle energy has the same influence on the physical body cells.  If the emotional energy persists, in time, cells will be affected and physical disease will occur.

If there are pets in the house and the environmental subtle energy, from unhealthy emotions persists long enough, then the subtle energy from the environment entangles or entrains with the pet’s body and disease will occur.  It might begin as emotional or behavioral symptoms and in time will appear as physical disease

To overlook the influence of subtle energy on the emotional and physical body would be a serious flaw in health care.  Unfortunately, our current western conventional medicine perspective, does just that.  Its refusal to acknowledge the influence of subtle energy on the body and its direct relationship to disease is a serious flaw, causing great limitations.

One of the benefits of alternative modalities for health care is that most of these modalities do address the energetic body and how it is influenced by surrounding energy.  These modalities are a great compliment to the current perspective of health care, ever expanding our awareness and our abilities to stay healthy.

Maybe some time in the future, I will explain to you how the rose can move without arms and legs.

What about you? What lessons have you learned from surprising sources? Leave a comment and let me know, would love to hear from you!

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