Karma and Your Pet’s Health

You reap what you sow.  What goes around comes around.  You get what you deserve.  These are all statements that reflect the meaning of karma.  Karma, in a nutshell, means that whatever you put out in your world, will come back to you.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t describe how that will show up. 

Most of us adults believe in karma whether we like the concept or not.  More than likely, we have witnessed its effects too many times to ignore that it is real.  Our skeptical mind tries to convince us that what goes on out in our world is beyond our control, but that is not actually the case.  As bizarre as it sounds, many of us find comfort in believing that we are “victims of circumstance.”  It is a lot easier telling ourselves that “Life sucks” and blame our woes on the world outside not being fair. 

It takes energy and commitment to break out of this mindset.  If we choose to do so, it will change our lives in magical ways.  It starts by understanding and being open to how karma actually occurs.  So, if you are interested in changing your life then hold on.  Otherwise, check back next week and maybe the blog will be about something that your mind will allow.

Fact number one:  You are responsible for the world that you see.  Wow, that is a biggie.  If that is the case, you are having to accept that a whole lot of bad stuff that is going on, is actually your responsibility.  Yep, it is.  But, if you look at it another way, if you actually created a bunch of bad stuff, and you actually have the power to create it, then you can change things and create something beautiful.  Now, that is something you can celebrate.

Fact number two:  Your external world is a reflection of your internal world.  This means that you project an external world according to your internal perspective.  Your internal perspective is a combination of beliefs, conditioning and genetic predisposition.  Imagine that the world outside is a white canvas with some stationary things and some moving things.  In each moment, you are coloring in those creations and giving them purpose.  That external moment is nothing more than a mirror reflection of what is going on inside your mind.  If you see your external world as a fearful place, then, you can bet your beliefs are the same.  Basically, your beliefs project a “like-minded” external world which re-enforces your belief that it really is a fearful world.  In a short time, this inner-outer interaction causes a vicious cycle to occur and we become hypnotized by it and essentially fall asleep as to what is really happening.

Fact number three:  It is all about the energy.  Every thought you have has a specific energy.  If you don’t believe this, just think of something in your past that you have tried to bury in your subconscious.  If you allow it to come to the surface, you will likely start to have bad thoughts about the experience and you will feel badly.  You will likely begin to feel parts of your body reacting to the feelings; perhaps tightness in your chest or nausea in your stomach.  Thoughts, like everything in your world, have a specific energetic profile.  The totality of your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions create an energetic profile to reflect those.  This energetic profile attracts like energy and people, events, etc. that show up in your world will have similar energetic profiles.  Like energy attracts like energy.  This is a universal law that will not be denied.  This is karma.

Fact number four:  Your physical body is a part of your external world.  What?  In truth, your body reflects your perception just like everything else in your external world.  Each negative thought or hurtful feeling that you have, in that instant, your body will have an energetic and biochemical response that will reflect that thought.  Stress hormones and chemicals are released by the energetic influence on the brain and other tissues, impacting every cell in your body.  In truth, this is what causes aging and disease.  The more negative thoughts and feelings, the increased likelihood of disease and premature death.  This is not my opinion, but a scientifically-proven fact.

Fact number five:  Your pet is a part of your external world.  Your pet, like everything else in your world, is energy and its energy will reflect your energy.  Your pet is an energetic mirror of your energetic profile.  Again, this is not my personal idea, but a proven scientific fact.  Quantum physics explains precisely that energy will entangle and seek a balance.  This is not something that takes years.  It happens immediately.  Remember when you went to that movie that left you feeling bad as you walked out of the movie theater?  The energetic exchange occurs immediately, is accumulative and begins its unhealthy reflection.  In time, you will notice emotional or behavioral changes and then physical changes in the form of disease.

How do we break this vicious, negative cycle that leads so many people to create lives of quiet desperation?  By changing our beliefs.  By raising our vibrational levels in order to attract more positive, joyous moments in our lives.  You don’t have to understand quantum physics and spiritual meanings.  You just have to stay aware of what you are thinking.  If your current thoughts are making you contract and feel badly, you are creating bad karma for yourself and your pet.  If your thoughts make you open and joyous, then you are creating good karma for yourself and your pet.  It is that simple.  The question is, “How important is it for you to create the life that you really want for yourself and your pet?”

The Mirroring Effect

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