Is There Healing In Your Pet Health Care Program?

Let’s begin this discussion with a definition of normal health.  In order to be healthy, we must be balanced in body, mind and spirit.  No exceptions.  Cultures from all across the world have made claim to this definition.  But, not so much here in the U.S.  The same is true for our pets.  So, let’s take a look at our health care system and see why it has no potential to create healing.  None.

Traditional veterinary medicine (as well as human medicine) has done a great job with addressing the physical body.  Although from this perspective, we create great limitations, but all in all, it has done a decent job.  We are finally beginning to acknowledge that the mind (thoughts and emotions) contribute to health as well, both for ourselves and our pets.  Medicine now recognizes the influence of chronic stress on the physical body and some people are admitting that chronic stress in the household also contributes the the physical health of the pet as well.  At least there is movement in that direction, but there is a lot more to learn.

What about spirit?  What in the world does spirit have to do with your pet’s health care?  It has an enormous impact, but most of us don’t have any idea how this works and a lot of people believe that spirit and religion are synonymous and don’t care to partake in that conversation.  Religion is not spirituality, so let’s move on from that and focus on its influence on our pet’s health.

A lot of us like to have our dessert before our meal, so let me give you your desert first.  Spirit is the only part of the health care equation where healing occurs If you don’t believe me, ask Jesus.  Ouch.  Sorry, I didn’t want to bring up religion.  I always approach health care from an energetic perspective because it is all encompassing.  Imagine that you are looking at a target on paper.  There are concentric rings getting smaller as you move your eyes towards the center of the target and in the middle is a small circle that might be another color.

Imagine each of those circles representing an energetic dimension where the outside circles are higher dimensional energy with higher vibrational patterns and each smaller circle moving towards the center is a lower dimension with denser, lower vibrational energy.  The middle of the target represents the densest dimensional energy we call matter, or in health care, the physical body.

The direction of influence moves from outer circles towards the center meaning that higher energetic dimensions affects the lower dimensional energies.  It does not work in the reverse.  The lower dimensional energetic states do not influence the higher dimensions.  An example:  Hurtful emotions such as worry or anxiety are higher dimensional energy than the dense energy of the physical body.  If this harmful energy lasts long enough, due to the direction of influence, the body will be affected by it and disease will occur.  This is why so many people are taking anti-depressants for depression and most will stay on them for their entire life.  Why?  Because the source of the problem (depression) began at the higher dimension and it is being treated at a lower dimension (drugs).  Remember, the lower dimensional energy will not direct healing and therefore, no healing will occur.

When we use conventional western medicine only, we address primarily the body or physical dimension.  Healing cannot occur at this dimension.  The best we can hope for is a cure and this can only happen if the source of the disease occurred at the same energetic dimension.  An example might be a broken bone which might be cured with surgery.

Albert Einstein once said that we cannot solve an energetic problem with the same energy that created the problem.  From a healing perspective, he was dead on.  In order for us to direct healing (body, mind and spirit), we must focus our intention at the higher dimensional energy at spirit.  This is where the miracles occur. 

So, how can we learn to do this?  First, we have to be open to this.  We have created very skeptical minds and any approach to something new will create an immediate reaction of doubt and skepticism.  Your mind does not have the ability to believe in something that it cannot, but it is willing to be open to something and observe the results objectively.  Tell your mind that you are going to be open to this and watch for the results.  Then, you can move on.

The next requirement is being in the present moment.  This can be extremely difficult for those of us growing up in the west.  Those of who have been introduced to this have difficulty with its meaning.  We actually are always in the present moment, but most of the time, we direct our attention to our busy, mind-chatter that comes from our reasoning, ego-mind.   Because our ego-mind functions to remember the past in order to create an imaginary future, it leads our awareness away from the present moment.  To be mindful or in the present moment, we must turn our awareness or attention away from the mind and focus on what is happening in the present moment.  This is easy to do with our pet because we can turn our attention on our pet and stay focused on it.  This will keep you in the present moment.  This will take some time and practice but you will find that it is certainly worth it.

When we are able to keep our awareness in the present moment then we can start turning our attention to our inner awareness.  There is a quiet, inner space of stillness that is always there waiting for us to shine our light of awareness on it.  This is where we find our connection to spirit and this is the fertile ground for directing healing.  This emptiness, that is far from being empty, is where you will find the source of those really cool things like love, compassion, kindness, etc.  You might find this space with meditation, prayer, contemplation or just being still in the present moment.  Your intention will guide you as long as you don’t let that busy mind get in the way.

Once you start spending some time in that empty space of inner awareness, you can begin to introduce focused intention on directing healing for perfect health and well being.  Source knows your intention.  Then, imagine that you and your pet are in perfect health and well-being.  Be there, experience that moment.  Your mind doesn’t know what is real and what is not and since the mind energy is higher vibrational than the body, it will direct the body to respond according to your beliefs.  Then, let it go.  The great thing about healing is that you don’t have to do anything about it.  The universal laws will see to that.  It will likely direct you to participate in the process, but you will be guided without choice or confusion.  This is the beauty of healing, a process that our conventional health care has evolved without. 


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