In Order To Be Healthy, You Must Change Your Lifestyle

I suspect most of you have heard this before regarding your health.  It feels a bit like a punch in the stomach.  But, in fact, it is the truth.  We just don’t understand how it works.

Imagine the you are sitting in my office.  You have a pet with a chronic illness and you have spent months and enormous expense in order for your pet to get healthy.  You are obviously frustrated and exhausted.  Then, I tell you that in order for your pet to get healthy, it will require you to make a lifestyle change.  Pow, right in the stomach.  If you don’t get up and walk out of my office, you will likely be polite, tune me out until I finish and then I will never see you again.

This is not hard to imagine because most of us have busy, stressful lives and we expend more energy on a day to day basis than we have in our energy tank.  We go to sleep exhausted, wake up exhausted and go through our day to day activities with little enthusiasm to keep us going.  To even imagine a life style that might include more exercise, giving up food that taste good for food that is good for you and spending quiet time in meditation or contemplation is beyond your wildest imagination.  “When am I going to find the time to do this and where is the energy going to come from?”

“And, what the heck does this have to do with my pet’s health care anyway?”

I will get to that in a minute.

When we are confronted with the reality that if we want to be healthy, we will likely need a lifestyle change, we immediately think of this as a lofty goal that will require too much time and energy and that if I get healthy, it will not likely last.  My attempts in the past did not keep me healthy.

When we see things from the ego-mind, we focus on goals and then the mind determines whether or not the effort is worth the goal.  Then, it creates a list of all the reasons why you should or should not do it.  Since it has been created out of the belief in fear and lack, it will likely give you a list of all the reasons that your goal to get healthy is way to lofty and not worth the effort.

When we realize this, it becomes obvious that our mind is our biggest obstacle. If you believe that the process of getting healthy will be a burden, then it will be.  What you believe, you create, in your reality.  It really is pretty simple.  If you love yourself and you believe that taking care of yourself is important because you do love yourself, then your belief will activate the universal laws to make it happen.

Life responds to your desires objectively.  You are in charge of directing it, but not in charge of how it is done.  The universe is not going to have you desire good health and well being and not give you the ability to have it.  It will give you the enthusiasm and the energy to make it become real.  When this happens, getting healthy will not be a burden.  It will be a blessing.

Years ago I drove over to western Montana to spend the day fly fishing.  It was about a 95 mile drive to the river that I went.  Late that afternoon, I stopped in the convenient store for something to drink and decided to get some gas for the drive home.  I went to fill up the tank and realized that I had left home without my wallet.  I had no money, no credit card, nothing.  I did have an empty gas tank and certainly not enough gas to get home.

I decided it was time to put my creation abilities to the test.  I sat for a while in my car and slowed my thinking.  I visualized that I was driving up in my driveway.  I could feel the joy that I had when I realized that I made it home.  It became very real in my mind.  I turned the engine on and drove the 95 miles home and into my driveway.  The gas tank still sat on empty.

When the clinician tells you that you need a lifestyle change in order to be healthy, the advice should come with some direction as to how to take the first step.  The first step is to use your mind in order to move you.  Use your mind to put the gas in your tank that is required for you to understand that the blessing in being healthy is in the process, not in the obtained goal.  Joy of good health and well being is in the moment, not in some future goal that is nothing more than an imagination that will likely never manifest.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to find the love that you have for yourself.  It is in you and has always been in you, waiting for you to remember this.  Just the awareness of this truth will bring that truth forward into your present moment like patient Mother waiting for you to come back into her arms.  Cast aside those thoughts that wasn’t to fill your head with doubts and fear.  They are blocking your awareness of the truth.  When a doubting thought arises, choose not to connect to it and if you find yourself being pulled into the thought, catch yourself and say, “I choose not to go there.”  Each time you do, that space you have created fills itself with the truth that you are loving and loving yourself is first and foremost.  When you are aware that you love yourself, the universal laws will prove it to you in your reality.  You will be happy and healthy and full of joy to spread to all those around you.

Well, what about your pet?  I told you I would get back to this.  Have you ever been on the airplane and the flight attendant said, “If there is a lack of oxygen, the oxygen mask will drop down from above.  Put the mask on yourself first, then put it on your child.”  You can’t take care of your pet unless you take care of yourself.

Your pet’s health is a direct reflection of your health.  It cannot not be.  You are creating YOUR reality by your desires based on your beliefs.  If you believe that you are not happy or healthy, your projected reality will reflect that.  It is a universal law.  Your pet’s health is a reflection of your beliefs and if you want a healthy pet, guess what, it requires a change in lifestyle. Now, you know how to do this.

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Dr. Dennis Thomas

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