Stuck on the Ground Floor

Fact:  Everything is energetic in nature.  You, your pet, your environment.  The energy (consciousness) is the implicate or blueprint of form.  All objects are an expression of an energetic influence.  This is universal law, explained by quantum physics.

Imagine that you are looking at a target.  The target consists of many concentric circles getting smaller as you look towards the center.  In the middle of the target is the smallest circle that is black instead of white.  Now, imagine that there is an arrow pointing from outside of the target, penetrating each circle and pointing at the middle of the dark “bullseye.”

This is a great representation of subtle energy.  The outer circles of the target represent the highest dimension (highest vibration).  Each circle, as they get smaller, represents another energetic dimension with lower vibration, until the final circle, the bullseye, represents form, the lowest, densest vibration of all of the dimensions of energy.  The arrow represents the direction of influence, referred to as the “vector” of influence by physicists.  Your reality (form, objects and empty space in between them) is the bullseye.

It is important to understand how the direction of influence works.  It means that each outer, higher dimension of energy has an awareness and a direct influence on the lower dimensions of energy.  But, it does not work in the opposite direction.  The lower dimensions of energy not only are aware of the higher dimensions, but they cannot alter the higher dimensional state.

If we look at a common pet health problem, we can see how this affects the outcome.  As you know, there are many manifestations of emotional and behavioral problems in pets.  One example that is very common is separation anxiety in the dog.  Dogs, as you know, are pack animals and do not like to be alone.  When a caretaker leaves the dog alone to go to work or some other function, it is very stressful for the pet.  It may show symptoms associated with this stress as urinating in the house, destroying things in the house and so on.  In veterinary medicine, we have conceptualized this emotional and subsequent behavior as separation anxiety.  In time, if this problem is not resolved, it will cause physical disease of the dog’s body (form).  It is common to treat these dogs with brain altering drugs such as Prozac.  It usually has minimal benefits for the problem and has no ability to resolve the problem.

It is clear why drugs will never resolve the problem.  At best, they may help with the symptoms.  If we go back to our target as a representation of dimensional energy, we see that emotions do not have form.  They are higher dimensional energy than form.  Due to the direction of influence, the negative, higher energetic dimension of the stressful energy will have a direct influence on the lower dimensional energy of form (the physical body).  This is why physical disease will occur if the problem is not resolved for good.  Another factor we need to be aware of is how conventional treatment, without knowing, is attempting to go against the laws of energy.  Drugs are biochemical in nature.  This means that they are made up of atoms and molecules which are particles or form.  All drugs are energetically the densest, lowest form of energy that exists and can only have a direct influence on form or like energy.  Attempting to use drugs (form) to treat a problem that originated at a higher energy level (emotion) cannot work.  Like Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve a problem using the same energetic dimensions as the one that created the problem.”

Conventional medicine here in the US and other western-minded countries, is based solely on the reasoning and understanding of form.  It recognizes the body as solely an object, made of tissues, cells, organs, biochemicals, enzymes, molecules and atoms.  It refuses to recognize that the body also exists as an energetic entity, although, the lowest, dimensional form of energy that exists.

If we look at a complex disease such as cancer, we can start to understand why conventional medicine can’t figure out the whys and hows about cancer.  Western medicine, based on the acceptance of form only, uses the laws of Newtonian physics.  Newtonian physics is a great understanding and explaining of the laws of form, but it is limited, therefore it is incapable of explaining or recognizing subtle energy.  This is not hard to see, when we think of an emotion such as kindness.  We cannot prove in the Newtonian science lab that kindness exists, because it is an emotion and it is composed of subtle energy.  But, we all can witness, with our senses and emotions, the effects of kindness.  When you watch a young child give a person a hug, it will open your heart.  Even without scientific proof, you know that kindness exists.

Newtonian physics, with its laws of form and separation, uses linear thinking and cause and effect for explaining the laws of form.  If a=b and b=c, the a=c.  Seems reasonable and it is, but it is only a small part of actual reality.  It is limited to form and form is only one manifestation of energy.  Conventional medicine approaches health problems much in the same way that a problem is solved.  We have a basic belief that there is a cause and the effect is cancer.  So, researchers spend their time looking for a cause for cancer.  Unfortunately, the reasoning, intelligent mind can only deal with a couple of variables when trying to figure out a problem.  Once there are too many variable, deductive reasoning will no longer work.  A great example is predicting the weather.  Scientists can put a rocket on the moon, but cannot consistently predict the weather.  Why?  Because there are too many variables (causes) that creates the effect (weather).

Cancer is very similar.  There are too many variables that contribute to the manifestation of cancer.  We might be able to isolate some individual causes that may create a specific type of cancer.  Radiation, with long exposure to skin cells, will often produce melanomas.  But using the target symbol, even this is best explained using the direction of influence.  Radiation, a subtler form of energy than the skin, has a direct effect on the body.  Since it is negative, harmful energy, the effects will also be negative, skin cancer.

So, what can we as pet caretakers do to help ourselves and our pets in regards to health and well being?  We can begin to understand how energy works, see the limitations of conventional medicine and be open to learning and understanding how higher dimensional energy influences our health.  These experiences are how we grow, how we continue to evolve.  Just because conventional medicine chooses to stay in the center of the target, doesn’t mean that you have to.  Be open, get excited about being empowered about your health and your pet’s health and new doorways will open and allow you to move forward and higher.  It is why you are here.

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