Healing Modalities

Healing Modalities

The following is a list of the different alternative options that I offer to my pets and their caretakers. Depending on your unique situation one or more of these modalities may be used to bring balance to your pet and restore them to their natural state.


Acupuncture is the primary method of treatment when practicing Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.  For thousands of years the Chinese have been aware of the body’s energetic makeup and that proper energy flow is critical for the body’s balance and healthy status.  Acupuncture is a method of inserting small needles into specific sites on the body in order to re-establish the normal flow through energy channels, referred to as meridians.  Other methods to stimulate acupuncture points include pressure, heat with moxa, laser treatments and electrical stimulation.  Acupuncture has an accumulative effect and often requires several treatments before benefits are seen.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal therapy is another method of applying Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.  Chinese herbs and herbal formulas are used to re-establish balance in the body. Based on the Chinese philosophies of the Five Elements and Eight Principles, herbal formulas are composed of animal, plant and/or mineral material to correct imbalances. Unlike Western Herbal formulas, that are selected according to their chemical components, Chinese herbal formulas consider the “whole” of each component, physical and energetic alike.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is the use of cold laser light to stimulate biological processes that enable faster healing, reduced inflammation and relief of pain.  These are different from surgical lasers, which are much more powerful and produce heat. Cold laser therapy stimulates the body’s natural healing processes and are commonly used for arthritis, soft tissue injuries, IV disc disease, wound healing and many other conditions.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) has been used in medicine for over 100 years but until recently, has been largely ignored by the modern medical field.  Now that the body’s energetic fields are being studied, the use of PEMF has regained popularity. PEMF is used to re-establish the body’s normal electromagnetic field, which has a major influence on the body’s cells.  This method of therapy can be used for any imbalance, but is commonly used for inflammation and chronic pain, improving vascular function and increasing organ efficiency.

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine refers to a broad field of modalities which work to establish energetic balance of the body, mind and emotions.  These modalities include Reiki, Healing Touch, ReConnect, Biofeedback and others.  Dr. Thomas has long used Reiki as a method of restoring energetic balance, and is currently working with biofeedback systems to more precisely alter imbalanced energy patterns.

Mind/Body Connection (Intention Healing)

Although the mind/body connection theory has been around for over 25 years in the United States, it has just recently been accepted by most medical schools.  The theory is based on the belief that the mind is in direct control of the material body’s function, whether we are aware of this role of the mind or not.  However, if we become aware of the mind’s power to control the body, then we can use this knowledge to direct healing.  Dr. Thomas has been using this modality for several years and has seen remarkable results. Clients are taught guided meditations using visualization techniques in order to direct healing for themselves and their pets.

Individual Nutritional Counseling

The material body cannot re-establish a healthy state of well being without a sound nutritional program.  No one diet or dietary formula  will suit all dogs or cats.  To maintain balance the diet must be established based on the individual’s constitution and present health needs.  Dr. Thomas uses the Five Element System to determine which nutritional components will best serve the individual pet.  After a full evaluation of your unique pet, Dr. Thomas will formulate a dietary plan that will be ideal for that particular individual.