Healing and curing-not the same thing.

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What is the difference between healing and curing?  Healing leads to a greater awareness of ourselves while curing is likely temporary and only at the physical level of the body.  How many cancer patients are cured only to find that the cancer returns later?  Perhaps the greater truth in the experience of cancer had not been learned and so life wants to give you another chance to learn it.

In our society we have been conditioned to believe that cancer is a life-threatening disease and we need to eradicate it by using any forceful opposition possible.  We need to kill and eliminate the cancer, but what if this life-threatening demon is a blessing in disguise?  Should we forcefully try to kill it?  Almost all ancient fighting rituals say that instead of forceful opposition one should allow the force to come from the opponent and give with the force to counter it.  We react to cancer with intense force and opposition, using harsh chemotherapy and surgery that destroys part of the body and creates great suffering for the individual.

Healing is never the result of forceful opposition. Imagine that I am having a conversation with an extremely racist person.  The prejudice that they have is a conditioned perception based on their beliefs and experiences.  If I were to try to forcefully convince him that his perspective was inaccurate, the minute that he heard a racial concept, he would begin to defend himself.  This is how the mind works.  It reacts in a pre-conditioned manner.  If I were to become effective in helping this person understand his non-truthful prejudice, I could only do so by bypassing his emotional reaction.

This is how source energy works.  If a belief needs to be altered while the mind stands in the way, then source energy delivers it in an experience that will allow transcendence of the conditioned mind.  The experience is often in a manner that the mind is incapable of understanding and it collapses on itself.  At that moment, transcendence occurs and the truth reveals itself.  Terminal illnesses can often be a way source energy offers us an experience that will allow us to transcend a belief and reveal a larger truth on the other side.  The Bible tells us that Jesus will not put out our fires, but that he will hold our hands and walk in the fire with us.  Sometimes we cannot find the truth without being in the fire.

What if we became aware of our emotional reactions and conditioned thoughts and decided not to forcefully oppose certain experiences?  Instead, we allow life to express itself and find a place in our quiet mind that can be objective and create a sound, reasonable plan that might avoid the mistakes of quick decisions and the guilt that comes later from incorrect choices.  Perhaps the objective mind might allow us to look outside the box, research alternative approaches and learn new methods of dealing with disease.  When we do not resist our experience, we move with the flow of life and people and events will show up unexpectedly to help and we learn the importance of cooperation and group involvement and how we need each other in good times and bad.  We experience the process, moment to moment, being fully present instead of focusing on a future expectation that may never happen.  Each step takes us closer to learning about ourselves.  Then, the experience will not have been in vain.  It will have been a blessing.


Have you ever experienced a traumatic event or difficult set of circumstances?  Were you able to alter your beliefs to accept the situation and change your perspective?  Did it help you?  I would love to hear in the comments below.



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