Energy Crisis

This morning I was invited to be a guest on a radio program.  I had a short visit with the program host and then we had five minutes for a news insert.  I sat quietly, waiting to be introduced.  I took advantage of the time and turned my focus inward to that empty space between my thoughts.  While I was basking in peace and quiet, a voice came into my head.  It said, “Talk about the energy crisis.”  I often have these energetic/spiritual downloads, especially when I am in meditation or contemplation.  I have learned not to discount the message.  I responded by asking, “What energy crisis?”  The voice said, “Don’t worry, it will come to you.”

After a short introduction and some personal history (yawn), I started talking about the energetic connection between pet and caretaker and how often I see the pet acting as a mirror in order to reflect an unhealthy state for the pet caretaker.  About that time, I became aware that I was talking about an energetic crisis here in the US.  I began to listen to myself talk.  If you have never done that, I would highly recommend you do so.

It went sort of like this:  Imagine that you are living in a house that has a gas leak.  The leak is so subtle that you are not aware of it even though it is quite toxic.  You can’t detect the leak because it does not affect your senses.  In time, you start to feel bad.  So, you go to the doctor and she examines you and gives you something to treat your symptoms.

You return to the house, continue to get exposed to the noxious gas and continue to get physically ill.  Back to the doctor.  The cycle continues until you find out the source or you get critically ill.

As Einstein said, “Everything is energy.”  This includes our thoughts and our emotions.  We are just now beginning to learn how harmful negative thoughts and emotions can be to our health, but very little is done to understand the why.

Last year, 16.2 million people here in the US were diagnosed with chronic depression.  It is recognized by the WHO as the number one cause of disability.

Depression is just one form of emotional disturbances and all of them are energetic in nature.

Every “thing” has a vibrational frequency.  Every thought and emotion is a thing with a specific vibrational character.  Happy emotions have a higher vibrational pattern than unhappy emotions.  Lower vibrational energy have a long-term effect on our health.  It begins with emotional disease (as that is where it originated) and in time, like the noxious gas in the house, it manifest itself as a physical disease.  Even traditional medicine is recognizing the clinical significance of persistent stress and the effects on the body.  Unfortunately, the lack of understanding of how energy works will keep this energy crisis growing.

Subtle energy, like emotions, have their own laws, recognized by quantum physics.  Subtle energy, moving from higher vibration to lower vibration, we call the vector of influence.  Its influence will not move in the opposite direction.  Form or physical matter, is the lowest vibrational energy in the universe.  All higher energy vibrations have an effect on the physical world.  This explains why emotions (subtle energy) have an effect on matter (physical body).

To quote Einstein once again, “You can never solve a problem at the same energy level as that which it occurred.”  An example:  The conventional approach to treating (not healing) depression is to use drugs, particularly anti-depressants.  Drugs are biochemical and are energetically the same as the body, the lowest energy level.  Emotions, the cause of depression, are at a higher level of energy vibration and CANNOT be effectively resolved by lower energy dimensions.  Impossible.  It goes against universal laws.

The other thing that we fail to recognize is that energetic influences have an accumulative effect.  If we go out and eat a meal that makes us sick, we may have some symptoms for a while but we recover.  If we go out and get exposed to some harmful energy (thoughts, feelings), then those energy vibrations become a permanent part of our energetic body.  They do not leave.

Imagine that your energetic body as a balloon.  Now, imagine that every day you blew some negative energy into that balloon.  In time, the balloon will fill and want to explode.  Since it does not have any opportunity to release itself, it manifests its accumulative negative influences on your mental and physical health.  It has to, it is law.

Due to the fact that traditional medicine, both human and animal, focuses entirely on the physical body, and does not even accept that the body is energetic in nature, it is impossible to effectively eliminate this health issue.  Doctors, both human and veterinary, will continue to use drugs to unsuccessfully treat emotional imbalances.  The toxic fumes continue to get more and more harmful, leading to more and more health problems.

I have mentioned many times that energy has its own laws and will not be denied.  If you are consistently exposed to stress, your energetic body will store the bad energy and it will become a part of you.  Everything (people, pets, plants, etc) in your presence will be affected by your energetic profile.  In time, like the gas leak in the house, everything will be affected at the level of the physical.  Yes, you and your pet will get sick.

If we are to stop this energetic crisis, we have to first recognize the role that energy plays in our health and our pet’s health.  We have to find practitioners that are aware of this enormous influence and teach us techniques and modalities that can clear the negative energy out of our energy storage vaults and understand how to replace bad energy with good energy.  It is the only way that healing can occur.  Otherwise, the vicious cycle of emotional imbalance and physical health will continue.

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