The Purpose Of The Experience

This is the final in a series of blogs on a holistic approach to cancer.  You check out part 1 here, and part 2 here.

What is the purpose of the disease?

The purpose of the experience might be as simple as needing a lifestyle change or it might be as deep as an awareness of impending death and a need to contemplate about death.  The greater truth might reveal that life cannot be fully experienced without an awareness of death.  In our society, we fear death to the point that we ignore it until we are forced to face it.  Maybe cancer allows us to face it and transcend those fears so that we can live life to the fullest. Perhaps, once we experience the greater truth there will no longer be the need for cancer and healing may occur.  Most people who have lived through a terminal cancer diagnosis say that it was the greatest experience they ever had as it opened doors that would never have happened without the experience.  If death does occur, perhaps those left behind have experienced death in a way that moved them toward contemplating the larger picture, one that might reveal something about themselves

Louise Hay, therapist and author, states that cancer in people is due to deep seated inner beliefs associated with resentment.  She says that the prolonged, negative energy associated with resentment, will manifest physically in a way that expresses that belief.  Resentment eats at the level of emotion and in time, cancer forms and begins to eat the physical body. If this is truly the case, removing a cancer surgically or killing it with drugs will not direct healing, as they do not address the root cause.

So, how do we know if there is a deeper meaning to cancer that needs to be healed?  First, by allowing, not reacting.  Don’t let the fearful, conditioned mind jump in and take control.  Back away from the emotional knee-jerk reactions and quiet your mind.  When the mind is quiet, the door to insight is opened and the purpose for the cancer will reveal itself.  The only thing that will keep you from being aware of this is the busy mind.  When insight is revealed and we become aware of the real purpose behind the cancer, we become aware of the opportunity that cancer has provided for deep healing.  We choose not to destroy cancer but to acknowledge its purpose, and find compassion instead of fear.  Love is the only real healer.

When we choose not to be controlled by the reactive, ego-mind, and allow life to deliver its message we become a participant of life, not an objector.  Our seat of consciousness is based in loving compassion and we are moved to provide for our pet from that perspective.  We take each day as a gift and from that perspective, we are grateful to have each day with our pet.  The time we spend is loving time, always grateful for the present moment, not allowing the fear-driven mind to rob us of this experience.  We may connect with our pet at a deeper level than ever before and in doing so, we find unconditional love; the bond that has connected us always.

We all die, including our beloved pet.  We assume that our pet will die before we do but that is the last time we think about it until it is staring at us in the face.  Our society has taught us to fear death whereas other societies use death as a tool to learn how to live to the fullest, moment to moment.  Our pets offer us so much opportunity to learn about ourselves and about life.  Facing death is one of those unique opportunities.  We have the chance to break our conditioning, to choose love instead of fear, to live with loving compassion instead of desperation.  Never focused on the future, but reveling in the wonderful, present moment, alive, sharing with our beloved pet.  Then, when the time has come to let our pet go, we do so with loving compassion instead of fear and guilt.  When we reflect back on that time together, we realize that it might have been the most precious time that we had with our pet.  The experience might help us deal with life’s ups and downs and whether we choose fear or choose love.

We might never find the cause for cancer nor we might never find a cure for cancer.  Einstein said that no one will ever be able to solve a problem at the same level of consciousness that created the problem.  When we see cancer as a physical anomaly creating a bad situation that might cause us great suffering and perhaps death, we can imagine the great limitations that that attitude might offer.  Healing is the result of transcending the incorrect beliefs associated with a situation in order to understand a greater truth about yourself; elevating oneself to a higher level of consciousness. we should shift our intention from forceful opposition to a loving allowance.  From that state of mind, we open the door of all possibilities.

How about you?  Have you ever experienced something which raised you to a higher level of consciousness?  How did this higher level of consciousness positively effect your life?

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