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The Dead-end Pathway for Urinary Incontinence

I received an email from one of my holistic vet colleagues today that discussed the topic of urinary incontinence in our pets.  It was a very detailed and scientific-oriented discussion about the most likely causes and what is used conventionally to treat the condition by most vets.  Then, being a holistic vet, she discussed the

The God Particle

In Switzerland, there is an enormous underground LEP.  LEP stands for large electron positron collider.  This giant, circular instrument consisting of magnets in a special alignment, is used to accelerate electrons and positrons (energetic units) near the speed of light.  Once they reach the desired speed, they will often collide and have a reaction.  For

Energy Crisis

This morning I was invited to be a guest on a radio program.  I had a short visit with the program host and then we had five minutes for a news insert.  I sat quietly, waiting to be introduced.  I took advantage of the time and turned my focus inward to that empty space between

The (Un)truth About Holistic Medicine

As most of you know, there is an enormous movement in health care, both human and pet, towards a more natural method of staying healthy.  This is a great thing, if for no other reason than it gets us out of the conditioned mind approach to medicine.  We have been so conditioned for so long

One Word Can Limit Your Suffering

In a recent blog, I discussed how it is impossible for your pet to suffer.  The closest real definition of suffering is a mental belief that something that is happening shouldn’t be happening.  Essentially, this means that the mind has the ability to interpret something, judge it and deem it not acceptable.  When the mind

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Feed the Body, Fuel the Soul

In an old John Travolta movie called, Phenomena he picked up an apple and showed it to two children.  “If I throw this apple on the ground it will rot.  If I eat the apple, it becomes part of me.”  That is what I want to talk about today. Have you ever had a conversation

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Every week, my clients ask me why other veterinarians don’t use a holistic approach to pet health care. My answer? They don’t know why it would benefit their patients. I remember the exact moment when I knew that I needed to make a change. I was in my second year of veterinary college when my


“We have been all wrong! What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceptible to the senses”….. Albert Einstein               What did Einstein mean when he said that matter is energy?  How does it apply to pet health care? That is what today’s blog is all about. From

Whole-Pet Healing

If you want to take charge of your pet’s health and dramatically transform both of your lives in the process you can purchase my book, Whole-Pet Healing. In it I explore a holistic approach to your pet’s care, explain how it works, and give you the tools to begin implementing a holistic approach before things


Our sweet Anatolian Shephard mix, Tonka, developed an autoimmune disorder.  Tonka had many symptoms including infected skin and ears.  At age four, he was also diagnosed with hip dysplasia and a partially torn cruciate ligament that would require surgery.  I looked for an alternative plan and was fortunate to find Dr. Dennis Thomas.  Dr. Thomas