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Seasonal Cycles and Healthcare

Our physical bodies, as well as our pet’s physical bodies, are linked to many forms of cycles.  Every morning when we awaken, we open our eyes, the light comes through the pupil, strikes the retina, sends an electrical impulse to the brain.  The brain knows to activate the pineal gland, then the pituitary gland, which

Let’s Get Real About Dental Health For Pets

In my previous blog, I discussed the primary myth that you have been told about dental disease in dogs and cats.  I also discussed what actually causes dental disease in dogs and cats and why dry kibble actually potentiates dental disease instead of preventing the problem.  I went into detail the importance of feeding the

Let’s Get Real About Dental Health For Pets

To use a familiar quote, “I cannot tell a lie.”  I did tell my clients (and myself) that feeding dry kibble will keep a dog or cat’s teeth clean.  NOT.  This is one of the greatest veterinary myths of all time.  Today, we might call it fake news.  You might be thinking, “Why in the


Fact:  Everything is energetic in nature.  You, your pet, your environment.  The energy (consciousness) is the implicate or blueprint of form.  All objects are an expression of an energetic influence.  This is universal law, explained by quantum physics. Imagine that you are looking at a target.  The target consists of many concentric circles getting smaller

Do We Exploit Animals?

I was asked by a lovely lady the other day if it is wrong for us to exploit animals for food, clothing, etc.  This has been a question that I have often been asked and one that I have contemplated for many years.  Most people who have had the fortunate opportunity to give and receive

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The Mirroring Effect

The special relationship we have with our pets goes way beyond what most of us believe.  They offer us so much and in so many ways.  They give us unconditional love and the ability to love them back in the same way.  They provide healing energy that benefits our health and they mirror us so

Worrying About Anxiety In Your Pet?

There is not a week that passes without someone contacting me about their dog having anxiety issues.  Just like human health care, anxiety issues are escalating and the pharmaceutical industry is booming in pet health care.  Anxiety is not something new, but with more and more people focused on anxiety problems, there is an awareness

Question Authority

Many years ago, during the last couple of months in veterinary school, the veterinary clinicians took it upon themselves to give us little practical quizzes.  I guess they thought it would be a good way to prepare us for the life of a real veterinarian.  They would come up to a senior vet student and

The Shape of Water

A lot of people, and a whole lot of clinicians, have a hard time believing that everything is energy.  When you stump your toe on a rock, it doesn’t feel like energy.  When you look at or feel the physical body, it is hard to imagine that it is energy.  It’s pretty easy to understand

Why Pets Don’t Talk

I am sure that there have been many times as a pet caretaker, you wished that you could talk to your pet.  There might be times that you wish you could turn to your most trusted friend for advice or just carry on a safe conversation, knowing that you would not be judged.  Many of