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The Dead-end Pathway for Urinary Incontinence

I received an email from one of my holistic vet colleagues today that discussed the topic of urinary incontinence in our pets.  It was a very detailed and scientific-oriented discussion about the most likely causes and what is used conventionally to treat the condition by most vets.  Then, being a holistic vet, she discussed the

The God Particle

In Switzerland, there is an enormous underground LEP.  LEP stands for large electron positron collider.  This giant, circular instrument consisting of magnets in a special alignment, is used to accelerate electrons and positrons (energetic units) near the speed of light.  Once they reach the desired speed, they will often collide and have a reaction.  For

Energy Crisis

This morning I was invited to be a guest on a radio program.  I had a short visit with the program host and then we had five minutes for a news insert.  I sat quietly, waiting to be introduced.  I took advantage of the time and turned my focus inward to that empty space between

The (Un)truth About Holistic Medicine

As most of you know, there is an enormous movement in health care, both human and pet, towards a more natural method of staying healthy.  This is a great thing, if for no other reason than it gets us out of the conditioned mind approach to medicine.  We have been so conditioned for so long

One Word Can Limit Your Suffering

In a recent blog, I discussed how it is impossible for your pet to suffer.  The closest real definition of suffering is a mental belief that something that is happening shouldn’t be happening.  Essentially, this means that the mind has the ability to interpret something, judge it and deem it not acceptable.  When the mind

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Back To The Basics

I did a phone consultation with a lady the other day who has a dog with cancer.  Following her vet’s recommendation, she took her dog to the veterinary college to work with their oncologist.  The oncologist told her that if she were to have any hope of extending her dog’s life expectancy beyond a couple

All You Need Is Love

I am a fan of Dr. Karen Becker, the veterinarian who works with Mercola.  She is a great veterinarian and a true advocate for alternative and natural methods for pet health care.  I also sympathize with her duties of having to supply tons of information for her readers.  I know, before I became a vet,

Seizures; A Symptom, Not A Disease

I can’t imagine anything more frightening for a pet caretaker than to witness their beloved pet having a seizure for the first time.  Seizures appear so violently.  They come on without warning and cause uncontrollable thrashing of the body as we sit by helplessly, unable to do anything about it. The first and foremost thing

5 Ways To Give Your Vet A Hand With Your Pet’s Health Care

On the average, most vet clinics schedule appointments about every 20 minutes.  In a busy practice, it is not unusual for a vet to see about 30 patients a day.  Throw in time for surgeries, dental work, emergencies, in-hospital patients and so on, and you can see how chaotic a day can be for the

How To Make A Rose

For as long as I can remember, I have always liked flowers.  Being a southern-raised child, we usually had a veggie garden somewhere, and the moms and grandmas spent lots of time talking about how to grow the best tomatoes.  But, my interest, other than eating those delightful, healthy veggies, was to see the colors