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Grieving is something we all do.  Whether it is from the loss of our first Teddy Bear, our loving grandparent or parent, or our beloved pet, at some time in our lives, we will experience grief.  Grief has been a problem for longer than we can imagine.   Professional therapists now focus on grief counseling as

Karma and Your Pet’s Health

You reap what you sow.  What goes around comes around.  You get what you deserve.  These are all statements that reflect the meaning of karma.  Karma, in a nutshell, means that whatever you put out in your world, will come back to you.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t describe how that will show up.  Most of us

The Mirroring Effect

The special relationship we have with our pets goes way beyond what most of us believe.  They offer us so much and in so many ways.  They give us unconditional love and the ability to love them back in the same way.  They provide healing energy that benefits our health and they mirror us so

Worrying About Anxiety In Your Pet?

There is not a week that passes without someone contacting me about their dog having anxiety issues.  Just like human health care, anxiety issues are escalating and the pharmaceutical industry is booming in pet health care.  Anxiety is not something new, but with more and more people focused on anxiety problems, there is an awareness

Question Authority

Many years ago, during the last couple of months in veterinary school, the veterinary clinicians took it upon themselves to give us little practical quizzes.  I guess they thought it would be a good way to prepare us for the life of a real veterinarian.  They would come up to a senior vet student and

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The Shape of Water

A lot of people, and a whole lot of clinicians, have a hard time believing that everything is energy.  When you stump your toe on a rock, it doesn’t feel like energy.  When you look at or feel the physical body, it is hard to imagine that it is energy.  It’s pretty easy to understand

Why Pets Don’t Talk

I am sure that there have been many times as a pet caretaker, you wished that you could talk to your pet.  There might be times that you wish you could turn to your most trusted friend for advice or just carry on a safe conversation, knowing that you would not be judged.  Many of

Back To The Basics

I did a phone consultation with a lady the other day who has a dog with cancer.  Following her vet’s recommendation, she took her dog to the veterinary college to work with their oncologist.  The oncologist told her that if she were to have any hope of extending her dog’s life expectancy beyond a couple

All You Need Is Love

I am a fan of Dr. Karen Becker, the veterinarian who works with Mercola.  She is a great veterinarian and a true advocate for alternative and natural methods for pet health care.  I also sympathize with her duties of having to supply tons of information for her readers.  I know, before I became a vet,

Seizures; A Symptom, Not A Disease

I can’t imagine anything more frightening for a pet caretaker than to witness their beloved pet having a seizure for the first time.  Seizures appear so violently.  They come on without warning and cause uncontrollable thrashing of the body as we sit by helplessly, unable to do anything about it. The first and foremost thing